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The Life of the Party

The Life of the Party

Author: Jason J. Nelson

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781664231184

Category: Religion

Page: 108

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We all have friends who light up a room with their presence. They transfer energy with a handshake or a hug. One smile and the world becomes a happier place. They can’t help themselves. This is who they are—naturally radiant and magnetic. Wherever they are, they become the life of the party. Jesus is like this. His presence is unmatched. When it comes to lighting up a room, Jesus is the brightest. And as far as being the life of the party, he’s the best. In The Life of the Party, author Jason J. Nelson uses a combination of personal testimony, scripture references, and Bible stories to illustrate the important role Jesus plays in the lives of all of his people. Using the theme of being the life of the party, he communicates Jesus’ presence in every event of our lives and throughout our faith journey. The messages conveyed in The Life of the Party encourage you to grow in your relationship with Jesus and receive everything he offers.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party

Author: Christine Anderson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450271813

Category: Fiction

Page: 503

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In just two more months, seventeen-year-old Mackenzie will reach sweet freedom. About to graduate from high school, Mac is not sure what happened to the good girl she used to be, but it does not matter. Without a second thought, Mac hurls herself into the dark world of rebellion and does not look back. Mac's best friend, Riley, is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who can score drugs anytime, anywhere. As Riley introduces her to a lifestyle that includes wild nights, drugs, and questionable men, Mac struggles to overcome her personal demons. Cast in the shadow of her "perfect" sister, Mac must endure the disapproval of her parents every time she returns home. But just as Mac takes a job to support her growing drug addiction, Riley begins questioning all his bad choices. Suddenly Mac, who wants complete, reckless amusement at any cost, is alone. The world can be a dangerous place. Mac is about to drown in an abyss of her own creation, and only one person can save her.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party

Author: Bob Kealing

Publisher: Crown Archetype

ISBN: 9781101903667

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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The incredible story of Brownie Wise, the Southern single mother—and postwar #Girlboss—who built, and lost, a Tupperware home-party empire Before Mary Kay, Martha Stewart, and Joy Mangano, there was Brownie Wise, the charismatic Tupperware executive who converted postwar optimism into a record-breaking sales engine powered by American housewives. In Life of the Party, Bob Kealing offers the definitive portrait of Wise, a plucky businesswoman who divorced her alcoholic husband, started her own successful business, and eventually caught the eye of Tupperware inventor, Earl Tupper, whose plastic containers were collecting dust on store shelves. The Tupperware Party that Wise popularized, a master-class in the soft sell, drove Tupperware's sales to soaring heights. It also gave minimally educated and economically invisible postwar women, including some African-American women, an acceptable outlet for making their own money for their families—and for being rewarded for their efforts. With the people skills of Dale Carnegie, the looks of Doris Day, and the magnetism of Eva Peron, Wise was as popular among her many devoted followers as she was among the press, and she become the first woman to appear on the cover of BusinessWeek in 1954. Then, at the height of her success, Wise's ascent ended as quickly as it began. Earl Tupper fired her under mysterious circumstances, wrote her out of Tupperware's success story, and left her with a pittance. He walked away with a fortune and she disappeared—until now. Originally published as Tupperware Unsealed by the University Press of Florida in 2008—and optioned by Sony Pictures, with Sandra Bullock attached to star—this revised and updated edition is perfectly timed to take advantage of renewed interest in this long-overlooked American business icon.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party

Author: Bert Kreischer

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250030313

Category: Humor

Page: 256

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A collection of outrageous stories by the standup comic, TV host, and inspiration for the movie National Lampoon's Van Wilder Bert Kreischer doesn't know how to say "no." If he did, he wouldn't have gotten himself mixed up with a group of Russian mobsters on a class trip to Moscow, earning him his nickname: "The Machine." He wouldn't have wrestled with a bear or swum with sharks on national television. He wouldn't have (possibly) smoked PCP with a star of Saturday Night Live. And he wouldn't have been named the Number One Partier in the Nation by Rolling Stone, inspired the movie National Lampoon's Van Wilder, or performed standup to sellout crowds across the country. The stories Kreischer shares in Life of the Party are a guidebook on how not to grow up. From his fraternity days at Florida State University, to his rise as a standup, to his marriage and first brushes with fatherhood, Kreischer shows you a path that may not lead you to maturity or personal growth. But it will lead you to a shitload of fun.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party

Author: Lisa Baron

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9780806535173

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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Behind our political leaders-yes, even the "moral" ones-is an army of young, horny, professional staffers scrapping it out. Lisa Baron should know-she used to be one of them. With the unerring candor of George Stephanopoulos and the uncensored wit of Chelsea Handler, Baron gives good anecdote on a world where Godaphiles and Press Tarts work together to keep their politicos from imploding. . .and reveals how a not-so-nice Jewish girl became spokeswoman for the head of the Christian Coalition until she had to kiss that career and its perks-a drunken night with Wayne Newton and a seemingly endless supply of narcotics-good-bye. "Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and Monica Crowley may think they're pretty bold. But when it comes to baring the secret ardor of a conservative woman, nobody undresses like Lisa Baron." -New York Daily News "Hysterical." -Hollis Gillespie, author of Trailer Trashed "Everything you wanted to know about what goes on behind the Christian GOP curtain but were afraid to ask. Funny, frank, hilarious. " -Michael Murphy, guest columnist for Time magazine "Sex, drugs, interns-rock stars have nothing on Bible-thumping politicos when it comes to sin and raunch." -Suzi Parker, author of Sex in the South "Primary Colors meets Coyote Ugly." -Gawker "Sex, scandal. . .this book has everything." -A. J. Jacobs

Be the Life and Soul of the Party

Be the Life and Soul of the Party

Author: Clare Walker

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 9781845904661

Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

View: 718

Have you always wanted to be the 'life and soul of the party', to feel great as you chat with others, be accepted by anyone and entertain an audience as you tell stories? This book reveals the best ways to let the 'real you' shine through.

The Life of the Party

The Life of the Party

Author: Christopher Ames

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820336909

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 360

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Critics have long recognized the links between community festivals and literary art. The comedies and tragedies of the ancient Greeks grew out of their festivals; Anglo-Saxon poetry was often read at festival occasions; and the structural patterns of renaissance drama are inseparable from their festive origins. In The Life of the Party, Christopher Ames argues that the private party has become the festival of modern culture and has served as a shaping force in the fiction of many important twentieth century writers. Drawing upon and extending theories of Mikhail Bakhtin and others, Ames contends that parties have inherited much of the spirit and social function of festivals and carnivals. In these "controlled transgressions," ordinary rules of behavior are set aside for a short time, permitting excess and including (usually in veiled form) a ritual encounter with death, as well as a cathartic return to the normal social order when the party ends. In the experimental fiction of James Joyce and Virginia Wolf, the mingling of many voices at the party challenges both social and narrative decorum. For F. Scott Fitzgerald, Evelyn Waugh, and Henry Green, the party becomes a microcosm of a decadent society and informs a festive vision characteristic of the literature that emerged between the wars. And in postmodern works by Thomas Pynchon and Robert Coover, the novelists celebrate the disruptive and liberating force of parties even as they illustrate the dangers of chaos through scenes of the party-gone-wild. With its creative application of literary theory and ethnographic studies of festival, The Life of the Party demonstrates the persistence of the festive vision and its significance in the evolution of modern fiction.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party

Author: Gordon Carrega

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783848213283


Page: 74

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The prose poem is currently having its heyday in the U.S. and Gordon Carrega's new collection will be a most welcome guest at the ongoing celebration, perhaps, indeed, going on to become the life of the party. Carrega's writing is what Charles Baudelaire, great illustrious grandfather of this literary genre, had in mind when in the introduction to Paris Spleen, his book of prose poems, he called for a poetic prose "... supple enough and rugged enough to adapt itself to the lyrical impulses of the soul, the undulations of reverie, the jibes of conscience."

The Peter Shue Story/The Life Of The Party

The Peter Shue Story/The Life Of The Party

Author: Peter Shue/Terence Wallace

Publisher: Terence Wallace/Famigottcha LLC

ISBN: 9780988515017

Category: Drama

Page: 217

View: 722

Peter Shue is The Life Of The Party/a well known New York City Ghetto SuperStar/Party Promoter, who rises to the top of the drug game; then falls when taken down by Federal Agents. A true story. You will be surprised at what pop/movie star helped set him up and why she did it. "The Peter Shue Story/The Life Of The Party" is based on crime, punishment & entrapment. Peter Shue had the power to transport his dreams into reality. Peter a black pioneer of his time became the Great Gatsby of New York City party life. Everyone who attended Peter's parties from the average Joe and Jane to people like Wendy Williams, Madonna, Diddy, Mike Tyson, Mary J., Keith Sweat, Heavy D., Richard Pryor, Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Charles Oakley, Eddie Murphy just to name a few (Included in the book) Peter Shue treated everyone like VIP'S. Struggling to get out of the game Peter Shue meets the unscrupulous Hollywood vixen/ Miss Pop Star who is known worldwide by many media outlets. "Hell has no fury as a woman scorned" Miss Pop Star desperately wants Peter to be her Boy Toy; father her children and in her attempts to win him over, she showers him with a myriad of exotic trips, expensive gifts, lot of money and wild sex. Also included in the book NYC newspaper article Witness Tattles on star's Ex-Pal by Helen Peterson.© Daily News, L.P. (New York) Used with Permission; Official US Court Transcripts. The Life Of The Party is a fact based portrait of a man in a world of fame, power and a need to control. Get your fill of adult thrills, fun and excitement as you turn the pages of this book. Gangsters and Movie Stars, first there was Bugsy Siegel and Virginia Hill. Now there is Peter Shue and ???

The Teaching Dog

The Teaching Dog

Author: Nicole Larocco-Skeehan

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 9781617812200

Category: Pets

Page: 108

View: 502

Hire A Dog To Be Your Training Assistant! The concept of using dogs as teaching aides is gaining popularity among trainers worldwide. A ‘Teaching Dog’ can be used to demonstrate behaviors, work to socialize puppies and even help out in reactive dog classes.