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Florence Kelley and the Nation's Work

Florence Kelley and the Nation's Work

Author: Kathryn Kish Sklar

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300072856

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 436

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One of America's foremost historians of women tells the story of Florence Kelley, a leading reformer in the Progressive Era. The book is also a political history of the United States during a period of transforming change, when women worked to end the abuses of unregulated industrial capitalism. This first of a two-volume series covers the first 40 years of Florence Kelley's life. 53 illustrations.

A Working Nation

A Working Nation

Author: David T. Ellwood

Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation

ISBN: 9781610441803

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 168

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The nature of work in the United States is changing dramatically, as new technologies, a global economy, and more demanding investors combine to create a far more competitive marketplace. Corporate efforts to respond to these new challenges have yielded mixed results. Headlines about instant millionaires and innovative e-businesses mingle with coverage of increasing job insecurity and record wage gaps between upper management and hourly workers. A Working Nation tracks the profound implications the changing workplace has had for all workers and shows who the real economic winners and losers have been in the past twenty-five years. A Working Nation sorts fact from fiction about the new relationship between workers and firms, and addresses several critical issues: Who are the real winners and losers in this new economy? Has the relationship between workers and firms really been transformed? How have employees become more integrated into or disconnected from corporate strategies and performance? Should government step into this new economic reality and how should it intervene? Among the topics investigated, David T. Ellwood explores and explains the apparent paradox between the steady rise in per capita national income and the stagnant wages of middle- and working-class workers. Douglas Kruse and Joseph Blasi study relative changes in long-term vs. temporary work, and evaluate the introduction of profit-sharing schemes and high performance workplace programs. William A. Niskanen and Rebecca M. Blank, both former members of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, offer their perspectives on what direction government might take to make this a working nation for everyone. Though Niskanen and Blank take alternative approaches, they both conclude that the primary policy emphasis ought to be on the problems of the least skilled more than on inequality per se, and that a focus on childhood education and tax supports for low-income working families should be of primary concern. A Working Nation paints a compelling and surprisingly consistent picture of today's workplace. While the booming economy has created millions of new jobs, it has also lead to an alarmingly unbalanced system of rewards that puts less-skilled, and many middle-class, workers at risk. This book is essential reading for those seeking the most efficient answers to the challenges and opportunities of the evolving economy.

A Nation at Work

A Nation at Work

Author: John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813531896

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 451

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Examines how the American workplace and workforce are changing at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and includes essays and speeches from leading journalists and workplace analysts.

Confronting the Nation's Water Problems

Confronting the Nation's Water Problems

Author: National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309092586

Category: Science

Page: 324

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In order to confront the increasingly severe water problems faced by all parts of the country, the United States needs to make a new commitment to research on water resources. A new mechanism is needed to coordinate water research currently fragmented among nearly 20 federal agencies. Given the competition for water among farmers, communities, aquatic ecosystems and other users--as well as emerging challenges such as climate change and the threat of waterborne diseases--Confronting the Nation's Water Problems concludes that an additional $70 million in federal funding should go annually to water research. Funding should go specifically to the areas of water demand and use, water supply augmentation, and other institutional research topics. The book notes that overall federal funding for water research has been stagnant in real terms for the past 30 years and that the portion dedicated to research on water use and social science topics has declined considerably.

Cultural Grammars of Nation, Diaspora, and Indigeneity in Canada

Cultural Grammars of Nation, Diaspora, and Indigeneity in Canada

Author: Christine Kim

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554584185

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 284

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Cultural Grammars of Nation, Diaspora, and Indigeneity in Canada considers how the terms of critical debate in literary and cultural studies in Canada have shifted with respect to race, nation, and difference. In asking how Indigenous and diasporic interventions have remapped these debates, the contributors argue that a new “cultural grammar” is at work and attempt to sketch out some of the ways it operates. The essays reference pivotal moments in Canadian literary and cultural history and speak to ongoing debates about Canadian nationalism, postcolonalism, migrancy, and transnationalism. Topics covered include the Asian race riots in Vancouver in 1907, the cultural memory of internment and dispersal of Japanese Canadians in the 1940s, the politics of migrant labour and the “domestic labour scheme” in the 1960s, and the trial of Robert Pickton in Vancouver in 2007. The contributors are particularly interested in how diaspora and indigeneity continue to contribute to this critical reconfiguration and in how conversations about diaspora and indigeneity in the Canadian context have themselves been transformed. Cultural Grammars is an attempt to address both the interconnections and the schisms between these multiply fractured critical terms as well as the larger conceptual shifts that have occurred in response to national and postnational arguments.

Japan and Asia

Japan and Asia

Author: Shinichi Ichimura

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814632119

Category: Political Science

Page: 468

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The book is a precious reference book for development economics or the political economy of development in Asia or anywhere else. Unlike other books, first, it deals with all the East Asian countries, including Japan and other Asian countries. Second, it offers some empirical research findings based on surveys conducted by the author's group. Research on developing countries has been limited by individual scholars' observations, particularly about the value-related issues like politics or religions. Thirdly, the book digs into the nation-building problems which are often neglected by economists. It bridges the politics, sociology and economics in East Asian countries and is an important reference book for graduate students. Contents:Introduction: My Research on Asian DevelopmentThe Present and the Future of Japan and Asia:When Can Asia Play a Leading Role in the World?The Lessons of the Lost Two Decades of the Japanese EconomyA Postmortem Diagnosis of Asian Financial CrisisWho are Responsible for the World Financial Crisis in 2008?Policies for Aging Population with Declining Fertility RateThe Stages of Economic Development and Nation Building:Economic Development and Nation Building in StagesRegional Development PolicyDevelopment Policies in StagesDecentralization Policies in Asian DevelopmentEmpirical Survey Studies of Southeast Asia:The Choice of Appropriate Technologies I — The Influence of Socio-Economic Factors and Government PoliciesThe Choice of Appropriate Technologies II — Survey Findings in Indonesia, Thailand, and the PhilippinesThe Socio-Economic Behavior of Peasants in Central Java and Central ThailandJapanese-style Management in Asia — IntroductionJapanese-style Management in SingaporeJapanese-style Management in IndonesiaJapanese-style Management in China — A Summary ReportPolitical and Cultural Problems of Asian Nations:Nationalism and Asian Political LeadersIs the Clash of Civilizations or Nations? Readership: Undergraduates, graduates and researchers who are interested in development economics or political economy of development in Asia. Key Features:It is a comparative study of Japan and all other East Asian nationsIt is based on the author's own empirical survey findings in Southeast Asian countriesIt deals with the nation-building issues along with economic development and offers new viewpoints of the authorKeywords:Japanese;Asian Development