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The Unexpected Patient

The Unexpected Patient

Author: Himali McInnes

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9781775492016

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 628

Stories of life, death and unforgettable clinical cases A psychiatrist and a patient with supernatural connections. A family man's resilience as he recovers from a life-changing terrorist attack. A rural nurse specialist and his incredible roadside rescue of a woman on the brink of cardiac death. A trauma therapist caught in the aftermath of a violent methamphetamine episode. The Unexpected Patient tells the stories of patients who impacted health carers in unforgettable ways: patients who showed stubborn perseverance on the road to recovery, who clung to hope in the face of unexpected trauma, and who illuminated the indomitable depths of the human spirit. These stories look at the things that lead to bad health outcomes, from the seeds that are set before we are born, to the personal choices we make, and to societal and health sector shortcomings. Yet, ultimately, The Unexpected Patient is about human relationships and the bonds forged between two people: a medic and that one, unforgettable patient.

Cancer: the Unexpected Gift

Cancer: the Unexpected Gift

Author: Dr. J. Patrick Daugherty

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440187681

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

View: 357

Cancer: The Unexpected Gift is a compilation of stories that profile individuals and families who have taken a frightening medical diagnosis and turned it into a positive gift. Medical oncologist Dr. J. Patrick Daugherty is familiar with many who are living well while living longer. Together with three-time cancer survivor Edie Hand, they share inspiring personal anecdotes from individuals who openly express the doubts, fears, perplexities, and positive reflections they experienced after their cancer diagnoses. Each story is introduced with a summary and concluded with relevant biblical passages that further illustrate lessons learned by patients and their families. Two-year-old Austin was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and after more than three years of chemotherapy, he remains in remission. His mother received the gift of living one day at a time. Ken survived metastatic colon cancer before developing prostate cancer which later spread to his bones. He searched for answers and found significance in his life, receiving the gift of service to others. Each of the people profiled in this collection have faced the enemy of cancer and its subsequent suff ering. Together, they share the extraordinary lessons they have learnednot in dying, but in living.

Neuroradiology - Expect the Unexpected

Neuroradiology - Expect the Unexpected

Author: Martina Špero

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319734828

Category: Medical

Page: 188

View: 242

This book presents a selection of unusual neuroradiology cases, each documented with a short medical history, CT and MRI images, and one page with clinical features and radiological findings. A total of 25 rare and peculiar cases were selected from the authors’ clinical experience. Over time, the authors witnessed several of these cases – for which there is little or no information in the international literature – being misinterpreted, especially by residents, general radiologists who occasionally have to deal with neuroradiology cases, or young neuroradiologists. Written by experienced practitioners, this atlas, with its thoroughly documented collection of rare neuroradiological cases, represents a valuable clinical tool for young radiologists and will encourage them to “think outside the box” and successfully find the correct diagnosis.

Expect The Unexpected: A First Course In Biostatistics (Second Edition)

Expect The Unexpected: A First Course In Biostatistics (Second Edition)

Author: Raluca Balan

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789813209084

Category: Medical

Page: 316

View: 865

This textbook introduces the basic concepts from probability theory and statistics which are needed for statistical analysis of data encountered in the biological and health sciences. No previous study is required. Advanced mathematical tools, such as integration and differentiation, are kept to a minimum. The emphasis is put on the examples. Probabilistic methods are discussed at length, but the focus of this edition is on statistics.The examples are kept simple, so that the reader can learn quickly and see the usefulness of various statistical and probabilistic methods. Some of the examples used in this book draw attention to various problems related to environmental issues, climate change, loss of bio-diversity, and their impact on wildlife and humans.In comparison with the first edition of the book, this second edition contains additional topics such as power, sample size computation and non-parametric methods, and includes a large collection of new problems, as well as the answers to odd-numbered problems. Several sections of this edition are accompanied by instructions using the programming language R for statistical computing and graphics.The Solution Manual is available upon request for all instructors who adopt this book as a course text. Please send your request to [email protected]

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

Author: John A. Broussard

Publisher: Bitingduck Press LLC

ISBN: 9781932482423

Category: Electronic books

Page: 365

View: 788

The lovely, lonely princess wandered along the edge of a pond thinking about finding a mate, but her fatherOCOs kingdom was poor, and no noble had ever asked for her hand. Suddenly a large bullfrog jumped up on the bank and said, OC Kiss me and you will find a mate.OCO OC What do I have to lose?OCO thought the princess, as she stooped down and kissed the frog. Within moments, two frogs jumped happily into the pond and swam out together among the lily pads. Not what you expected? A short story called The Search for a Mate from Expect the Unexpected OC .a collection of over 80 short stories covering the gamut of surprise with the typical Broussard cleverness and humor. Mystery, romance, science fiction, discoveryOC with story titles such as The Square Watermelon, The Deshredder, and Ms. Chips . Boson Books also offers several mysteries by John Broussard. Visit our fiction page. For an author bio, photo, and a sample read visit"

Telling Tales of the Unexpected

Telling Tales of the Unexpected

Author: Robin Wooffitt

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0745010512

Category: Description (Rhetoric)

Page: 244

View: 515

Conversation analysis, discourse analysis and the study of rhetoric are combining to form a powerful interdisciplinary field of social scientific inquiry. Robin Wooffitt, in a systematic analysis of how people describe their paranormal encounters as factual experiences, introduces this field to the student and reader unfamiliar with its methods and theoretical constructs. Powerful cultural scepticism about the paranormal ensures that such experiences not only provide an implicit challenge to common-sense understanding of the world, but also undermine the pronouncements of the scientific orthodoxy. Wooffitt focuses on the ways in which accounts are organized in order to warrant the speaker's claim that the experiences actually happened and were not, say, the product of misperception, wish fulfilment or psychological aberration. He also examines the design of descriptive sequences through which speakers portray themselves as 'normal','rational' people; and contributes to the study of identity construction in discursive practices. Wooffitt has illustrated and simplified complex theoretical arguments in conversation and discourse analysis with relevant empirical materials, and he usefully clarifies points of convergence and divergence between these analytic traditions.

New Horizons in Patient Safety: Safe Communication

New Horizons in Patient Safety: Safe Communication

Author: Annegret Hannawa

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110454505

Category: Medical

Page: 271

View: 346

This case studies book is an indispensable resource for educators, students, and practitioners of nursing. It is innovative in its application of lessons from the communication sciences to common challenges in the delivery of safe patient care. The authors apply basic tenets of human communication to the context of nursing to provide a foundation for practices that can advance the safety and quality of care. The cases, which describe "close calls" and adverse events, are organized along the continuum of healthcare delivery, providing quick access to solutions in commonly encountered care situations. Each case is accompanied by a discussion of how skillful communication can be key to preventing and recovering from errors and adverse events. Thought-provoking discussion questions and references for further reading make this book a valuable reference for nursing educators, students, and practitioners across the world.

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Author: Rahul K. Shah

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030558291

Category: Medical

Page: 383

View: 483

This text uses a case-based approach to share knowledge and techniques on how to operationalize much of the theoretical underpinnings of hospital quality and safety. Written and edited by leaders in healthcare, education, and engineering, these 22 chapters provide insights as to where the field of improvement and safety science is with regards to the views and aspirations of healthcare advocates and patients. Each chapter also includes vignettes to further solidify the theoretical underpinnings and drive home learning. End of chapter commentary by the editors highlight important concepts and connections between various chapters in the text. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in Healthcare: A Case-Based Approach presents a novel approach towards hospital safety and quality with the goal to help healthcare providers reach zero harm within their organizations.

Retrieval Medicine

Retrieval Medicine

Author: Dr. Charlotte Evans

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191030949

Category: Medical

Page: 688

View: 711

Retrieval Medicine is a core, concise and practical text covering the complex clinical and logistical problems experienced in the retrieval environment. Focusing on evidence-based management and clear clinical guidance, this easily portable handbook provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to this growing field for all health professionals involved in the retrieval and transfer of critically ill patients. Covering the practice of acute, emergency and critical care medicine in the transport environment, this handbook provides the practical guidance and clinical knowledge to enable medical practitioners to function independently in highly variable and resource limited environments with acutely unwell, unstable and often clinically undifferentiated patients over long durations. Closely mapped to the Royal College of Surgeons syllabus on retrieval and transfer medicine, this title comprehensively covers all aspects of retrieval medicine, from basic flight physiology to more complex retrievals and common pitfalls. Authored by an authoritative, international team of expert editors and specialist authors, this clinically focused text is complemented by a range of checklists and reference tools for practical and accessible use in the field. These deliver core information for use in the primary retrieval setting, allowing the retreivalist to structure their approach to a crisis and correct the problem with suggested interventions. Topics include retrieval systems and coordination, crisis resource management, shock, and a range of chapters focusing on responding to specific areas of medicine when encountered in the retrieval environment, such as cardiology and obstetrics and gynaecology.

Awareness of Dying

Awareness of Dying

Author: Barney G. Glaser

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351327909

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 495

Should patients be told they are dying? How do families react when one of their members is facing death? Who should reveal that death is imminent? How does hospital staff-doctors, nurses, and attendants-act toward the dying patient and his family?