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The Mystical, Magical, Spectacular Tale of Abigail Blake

The Mystical, Magical, Spectacular Tale of Abigail Blake

Author: Piper Stewart

Publisher: Glertimers


Category: Young Adult Fiction


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Princess Abigail of Candlewyck is disobeying her father again. Not out of spite, She simply can’t help herself from meeting up with the fairies for a dance where the meadow meets the woods. A band of pesky goblins, The Glertimers, capture the young girl, wiping her memory as her head strikes a rock. She comes to, in the middle of their camp, realizing she’s frozen stiff as a board, Completely helpless. A tree creature, Lessy, comes to her aid and becomes her best friend and travel companion on their search to regain her memory. They encounter all types of creatures and characters along the way, who help the girl to see the world much differently than she had thought it to be. Meanwhile, the King is distraught at the loss of his daughter, blaming himself for her absence. If only he hadn’t pledged her hand in marriage to the Pompous Duke of Bog Hollow. For he knew she didn’t care for the bumpy old toad, but a Princesses duty is sometimes an unpleasant one. Particularly if it is in the best interest of the Kingdom. Lessy and Fig, which was the name chosen for her for lack of her real one, dodge glertimer attacks, bridge breaking trolls, and even an encounter with the Shadow dragon who just happens to be the Kings biggest and most troublesome foe. Their battles are nothing short of legendary.Ultimately, after meeting the mermaid Genevieve, Fig finds out who she is, who her father is, and why she should be more patient with him. She learns the hard way that not all friends are friends, and not all enemies are who or what they seem.