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The Automobile

The Automobile

Author: Professor Clay McShane

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781351666688



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Originally published in 1997 and now re-issued with some updated material, this chronology lists the major events in the history of the automobile. The automobile cannot be understood without knowing about its pre-history, including technologies such as railroads, carriages and trolley cars. Material on these is included to the extent that they represented preludes to the modern car culture. The volume also includes material about the technology, design and production of cars and their manufacturers. The ancillary fields of oil production and refining and road building are also covered. Focussed mainly, but not exclusively on the USA this chronology discusses the car and its role in social, geographical and political change.

John Wesley Carhart: Preacher, Author, Inventor, Physician and Father of the Automobile

John Wesley Carhart: Preacher, Author, Inventor, Physician and Father of the Automobile

Author: George D. Fennell


ISBN: 9781365459092

Category: History

Page: 334

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The first automobile in the history of the United States appeared on Racine, WI, streets back in 1873. It was a steam propelled horseless carriage conceived, designed and built by Rev. John Wesley Carhart, pastor of the Methodist-Episcopal Church there. A few years later, while serving as Presiding Elder of the Appleton, WI, District of the Methodist Church, an "Open Letter" written by fellow Methodist Minister George C. Haddock, and published in the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, would change the course of John Wesley Carhart's life forever. John Wesley Carhart also was a prolific writer. One of his books, "Norma Trist," was one of the first novels to deal with homosexuality. He self-published the book and was arrested for sending pornography through the mail when he began filling mail orders for the book. Another of his books, "Under Palmetto and Pine," was a sensitive treatment of the problems facing African Americans living in the South, especially in Texas, during the late 1880's.

Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives

Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives

Author: Catherine Lutz

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9780230102194

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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Carjacked is an in-depth look at our obsession with cars. While the automobile's contribution to global warming and the effects of volatile gas prices are is widely known, the problems we face every day because of our cars are much more widespread and yet much less known -- from the surprising $14,000 per year that the average family pays each year for the vehicles it owns, to the increase in rates of obesity and asthma to which cars contribute, to the 40,000 deaths and 2.5 million crash injuries each and every year. Carjacked details the complex impact of the automobile on modern society and shows us how to develop a healthier, cheaper, and greener relationship with cars.

The Automobile

The Automobile

Author: Lars Lundqvist

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

ISBN: NWU:35556034581470

Category: Transportation

Page: 698

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31 articles, dating from 1961 to 2000 Contributors include: D.E. Boyce, M.K. Dreyfus, T.L. Friesz, J.O. Jansson, P.M. Jones, J.R. Kenworthy, K.A. Small, W.S. Vickrey, W.K. Viscusi, A.A. Walters.