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The 4 Hour Excel Guide for the Busy It Guy

The 4 Hour Excel Guide for the Busy It Guy

Author: Maxxwell Cooper

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1983265756


Page: 95

View: 731

This self-paced book aims to help you get you kick started on some of the key features in Microsoft Excel, all in a weekend read! In contrast to bulky manuals, this book serves the purpose of learning key features which will help you get that extra edge while working in Excel.

The Structuring of Work in Organizations

The Structuring of Work in Organizations


Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781786354358

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

View: 695

This volume is the product of an interdisciplinary gathering of scholars convened with generous support of the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council. It presents new theoretical and empirical papers that examine aspects of the changing nature of jobs and work in organizations from multiple perspectives and methodologies.

Crash Course Excel 95

Crash Course Excel 95

Author: Anne Prince

Publisher: Mike Murach & Associates

ISBN: 0911625968

Category: Business

Page: 98

View: 729

This text is designed to teach you all the skills that the typical Excel 95 user needs on the job every day. Exercises are included throughout to build your confidence.

The Internet for Busy People

The Internet for Busy People

Author: Christian Crumlish


ISBN: 0078823250

Category: Internet

Page: 404

View: 949

Internet for Busy People is completely revised and includes new chapters and sections on the following: -- Mobile computing -- Finding FREE stuff on the net -- Creating and promoting web pages and sites, and much more

Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering

Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering

Author: Shengzhao Long

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811569784

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1082

View: 823

This book presents selected papers introducing readers to the key research topics and latest development trends in the theory and application of MMESE. The advanced integrated research topic man-machine-environment system engineering (MMESE) was first established in China by Professor Shengzhao Long in 1981, with direct support from one of the greatest modern Chinese scientists, Xuesen Qian. In a letter to Shengzhao Long from October 22nd, 1993, Xuesen Qian wrote: “You have created a very important modern science and technology in China!” MMESE primarily focuses on the relationship between man, machine and environment, studying the optimum combination of man-machine-environment systems, where “man” refers to people in the workplace (e.g., operators, decision-makers), “machine” is the general name for any object controlled by man (including tools, machinery, computers, systems and technologies), and “environment” describes the specific working conditions under which man and machine interact (e.g., temperature, noise, vibration and hazardous gases). The three goals of optimizing such systems are ensuring safety, efficiency and economy. Presenting interdisciplinary studies on the concepts and methods in physiology, psychology, system engineering, computer science, environmental science, management, education and other related disciplines, this book is a valuable resource for all researchers and professionals whose work involves MMESE subjects.

The Girl’s Guide To Crack The Code For Sustainable, Loving, and Nurturing Relationships

The Girl’s Guide To Crack The Code For Sustainable, Loving, and Nurturing Relationships

Author: SpiderLove

Publisher: SpiderLove


Category: Family & Relationships


View: 195

Are you single? How to get a man to commit to a relationship, not just casual sex and nothing more? There are various stages you need to go through in order to make the man committed. This relationship guide will help you start and maintain a long-lasting relationship. If you are single, you'll learn from how to prepare yourself for the first date to what you'll need to do in order to maintain a relationship. More specifically: - how to start a conversation or what to talk about during the first date without screwing up - what to do after the first date? - are you really in love or it is just a temporary affection. What are the signs that you are deeply in love? - strategies to make a good impression to his parents, if he is the one - mistakes to avoid during the relationship stage - the woman's role in the relationship - what to do if you suspect that he's cheating or looking at other women? - how to handle financial problems during the relationship? - and much more... Grab your copy now!

First 100 Days of Selling

First 100 Days of Selling

Author: Jim Ryerson

Publisher: Academic Learning Company LLC

ISBN: 0832950041

Category: Selling

Page: 300

View: 790

First 100 Days of Selling is a comprehensive look at how sales professionals build their business day by day. This guide consists of 100 time-honored ideas to achieve sales success and is written in a step-by-step formula that can be implemented and measured. The book is written for both salespeople that are new to the selling profession and experienced sales professionals who sish to achive new levels of sales performance. The book is written for sales mangers who wish to have a measurable approach to helping their salespeople come up to speed faster than the normal routine. The concepts in the book will help the sales professional capitalize on the new reality of potential customers who will not answer the phone, return their calls, and agree to an appointment or listen to their value proposition. Readers will learn the confidence -building techniques tha get returned calls, appointments, sales and ultimately referrals.

Monthly Labor Review

Monthly Labor Review



ISBN: UCBK:C058703535

Category: Labor laws and legislation

Page: 572

View: 315

Publishes in-depth articles on labor subjects, current labor statistics, information about current labor contracts, and book reviews