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Stories of Success

Stories of Success


Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080932613

Category: Medical

Page: 596

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This book is the latest volume in the highly successful series Comprehensive Biochemistry. It provides a historical and autobiographical perspective of the developments in the field through the contributions of leading individuals who reflect on their careers and their impact on biochemistry. Volume 46 is essential reading for everyone from graduate student to professor, placing in context major advances not only in biochemical terms but in relation to historical and social developments. Readers will be delighted by the lively style and the insight into the lives and careers of leading scientists of their time. * Contributors are distinguished scientists in the field * Unique series of personal recollections * Presents scientific research in a historical perspective

Daniel, Volume 30

Daniel, Volume 30

Author: Dr. John Goldingay

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310526162

Category: Religion

Page: 608

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The Word Biblical Commentary delivers the best in biblical scholarship, from the leading scholars of our day who share a commitment to Scripture as divine revelation. This series emphasizes a thorough analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, and theological evidence. The result is judicious and balanced insight into the meanings of the text in the framework of biblical theology. These widely acclaimed commentaries serve as exceptional resources for the professional theologian and instructor, the seminary or university student, the working minister, and everyone concerned with building theological understanding from a solid base of biblical scholarship. Overview of Commentary Organization Introduction--covers issues pertaining to the whole book, including context, date, authorship, composition, interpretive issues, purpose, and theology. Each section of the commentary includes: Pericope Bibliography--a helpful resource containing the most important works that pertain to each particular pericope. Translation--the author's own translation of the biblical text, reflecting the end result of exegesis and attending to Hebrew and Greek idiomatic usage of words, phrases, and tenses, yet in reasonably good English. Notes--the author's notes to the translation that address any textual variants, grammatical forms, syntactical constructions, basic meanings of words, and problems of translation. Form/Structure/Setting--a discussion of redaction, genre, sources, and tradition as they concern the origin of the pericope, its canonical form, and its relation to the biblical and extra-biblical contexts in order to illuminate the structure and character of the pericope. Rhetorical or compositional features important to understanding the passage are also introduced here. Comment--verse-by-verse interpretation of the text and dialogue with other interpreters, engaging with current opinion and scholarly research. Explanation--brings together all the results of the discussion in previous sections to expose the meaning and intention of the text at several levels: (1) within the context of the book itself; (2) its meaning in the OT or NT; (3) its place in the entire canon; (4) theological relevance to broader OT or NT issues. General Bibliography--occurring at the end of each volume, this extensive bibliography contains all sources used anywhere in the commentary.

Balanced Literacy Essentials

Balanced Literacy Essentials

Author: Michelann Parr

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 9781551382753

Category: Education

Page: 146

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This practical book offers teachers a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction that puts students at the centre of the learning process. Based on the latest learning theories, the book provides: an overview of the nuts and bolts of reading instruction ; techniques for supporting writers ; poetry, storytelling, and drama activities that foster alternate ways of learning ; language experiences that guide students from traditional learning to our complex digital world. This book offers the background and strategies teachers need to encourage students to question, discover, and learn. Thoughtful and inspiring, the book helps educators reflect on their role as teacher and better meet the literacy needs of all their students.

The Story of NOW That's What I Call Music in 100 Artists

The Story of NOW That's What I Call Music in 100 Artists

Author: Michael Mulligan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409179955

Category: Music

Page: 240

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Everyone remembers their first NOW album. Since NOW That's What I Call Music Volume 1 was released in 1983 on double vinyl and double cassette, NOW has become synonymous with pop music and has featured some of the most iconic artists of the last three decades. To celebrate the release of the 100th NOW album, The Story of NOW That's What I Call Music in 100 Artists looks back at some of the most memorable - and occasionally regrettable - hits of the last 35 years! Jam packed with amazing facts and 'Well I never!' moments about the 4,000+ artists to have graced the NOW track listings - from Phil Collins to Pharrell, Bananarama to Lady Gaga and Peter Andre to Pet Shop Boys - The Story of NOW is a celebration of pop music through the decades. So plug in your earphones and pump up the volume, because this party is just getting started!

The Book Buyer

The Book Buyer



ISBN: HARVARD:32044094025772

Category: American literature

Page: 608

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A review and record of current literature.

Forging Ahead

Forging Ahead

Author: Mahmood H. Shubbak

Publisher: Universität Bremen


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 196

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Against the pressing challenge of climate change, solar photovoltaic technology (PV) is widely seen as a clean and renewable alternative to fossil fuels. By reviewing the development of the solar energy sector globally, the case of China is prominent, as the country has witnessed a successful technological catching-up and tremendous growth in the production, use and development of solar modules over the past few years. This book takes you on a magic carpet ride through the technological innovation system of China’s PV sector. Through the pages of this book, you will be introduced to the technical components of the solar technology. You will track the development stages of the innovation system in China. You will meet the main actors in the system, and learn about their areas of competence and interaction patterns. Additionally, you will see how their knowledge networks have evolved over time. The book further tells the story of innovation in the midst of solar wars, and how have government policies and international tensions shaped the status quo of the global technological system. While innovation studies have long been concerned with productivity maximization and economic growth, the growing awareness of global environmental and socio-economic challenges has imposed a profound shift to focus on these issues. In that sense, the present book highlights the political- and social- market economy aspects of the innovation system, where economic policy is considered not only to sustain competition and profit maximization, but also, most importantly, to foster shared responsibility in confronting global environmental challenges.