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Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity

Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity

Author: Nita Mathur

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 9788132119623

Category: Social Science

Page: 444

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This book offers analysis of articulation of consumer culture and modernity in everyday lives of people in a transnational framework. It pursues three broad themes: lifestyle choices and construction of modern identities; fashion and advertising; and subaltern concerns and moral subjectivities. It juxtaposes empirical studies with theoretical traditions in addressing questions such as: How do people imagine modernity and identity in consumer culture? What does modernity or ‘being modern’ mean to people in different societies? Are modernity and tradition antithetical to or develop an interface with each other? The chapters in the book trace manifestations and trajectories of consumer culture and modernity as they connect to develop a sense of renewed identity.

A Fragile Inheritance

A Fragile Inheritance

Author: Saloni Mathur

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478003380

Category: Art

Page: 249

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In A Fragile Inheritance Saloni Mathur investigates the work of two seminal figures from the global South: the New Delhi-based critic and curator Geeta Kapur and contemporary multimedia artist Vivan Sundaram. Examining their written and visual works over the past fifty years, Mathur illuminates how her protagonists’ political and aesthetic commitments intersect and foreground uncertainty, difficulty, conflict, and contradiction. This book presents new understandings of the culture and politics of decolonization and the role of non-Western aesthetic avant-gardes within the discourses of contemporary art. Through skillful interpretation of Sundaram's and Kapur’s practices, Mathur demonstrates how received notions of mainstream art history may be investigated and subjected to creative redefinition. Her scholarly methodology offers an impassioned model of critical aesthetics and advances a radical understanding of art and politics in our time.

Canada and the End of Empire

Canada and the End of Empire

Author: Phillip Buckner

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774850667

Category: History

Page: 334

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Sir John Seeley once wrote that the British Empire was acquired in "a fit of absence of mind." Whatever the truth of this comment, it is certainly arguable that the Empire was dismantled in such a fit. This collection deals with a neglected subject in post-Confederation Canadian history -- the implications to Canada and Canadians of British decolonization and the end of empire. Canada and the End of Empire looks at Canadian diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom and the United States, the Suez crisis, the changing economic relationship with Great Britain in the 1950s and 1960s, the role of educational and cultural institutions in maintaining the British connection, the royal tour of 1959, the decision to adopt a new flag in 1964, the efforts to find a formula for repatriating the constitution, the Canadianization of the Royal Canadian Navy, and the attitude of First Nations to the changed nature of the Anglo-Canadian relationship. Historians in Commonwealth countries tend to view the end of British rule from a nationalist perspective. Canada and the End of Empire challenges this view and demonstrates the centrality of imperial history in Canadian historiography. An important addition to the growing canon of empire studies and imperial history, this book will be of interest to historians of the Commonwealth, and to scholars and students interested in the relationship between colonialism and nationalism.

Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy

Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy

Author: Robert Reiner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351553902

Category: Social Science

Page: 478

View: 289

Robert Reiner has been one of the pioneers in the development of research on policing since the 1970s as well as a prolific writer on mass media and popular culture representations of crime and criminal justice. His work includes the renowned books The Politics of the Police and Law and Order: An Honest Citizen's Guide to Crime and Control, an analysis of the neo-liberal transformation of crime and criminal justice in recent decades. This volume brings together many of Reiner's most important essays on the police written over the last four decades as well as selected essays on mass media and on the neo-liberal transformation of crime and criminal justice. All the work included in this important volume is underpinned by a framework of analysis in terms of political economy and a commitment to the ethics and politics of social democracy

Women in Culture

Women in Culture

Author: Bonnie Kime Scott

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119120193

Category: Social Science

Page: 568

View: 807

The thoroughly revised Women in Culture 2/e explores the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, gender identity, and spirituality from the perspectives of diverse global locations. Its strong humanities content, including illustrations and creative writing, uniquely embraces the creative aspects of the field. Each of the ten thematic chapters lead to creative readings, introducing a more Readings throughout the text encourage intersectional thinking amongst students humanistic angle than is typical of textbooks in the field This textbook is queer inclusive and allows students to engage with postcolonial/decolonial thinking, spirituality, and reproductive/environmental justice A detailed timeline of feminist history, criticism and theory is provided, and the glossary encourages the development of critical vocabulary A variety of illustrations supplement the written materials, and an accompanying website offers instructors pedagogical resources

From Political Economy to Economics through Nineteenth-Century Literature

From Political Economy to Economics through Nineteenth-Century Literature

Author: Elaine Hadley

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030241582

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 287

View: 321

Focusing on the transition from political economy to economics, this volume seeks to restore social content to economic abstractions through readings of nineteenth-century British and American literature. The essays gathered here, by new as well as established scholars of literature and economics, link important nineteenth-century texts and histories with present-day issues such as exploitation, income inequality, globalization, energy consumption, property ownership and rent, human capital, corporate power, and environmental degradation. Organized according to key concepts for future research, the collection has a clear interdisciplinary, humanities approach and international reach. These diverse essays will interest students and scholars in literature, history, political science, economics, sociology, law, and cultural studies, in addition to readers generally interested in the Victorian period.

The Methodological Dilemma

The Methodological Dilemma

Author: Kathleen Gallagher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134044702

Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 99

This thought-provoking book challenges the way research is planned and undertaken and equips researchers with a variety of creative and imaginative solutions to the dilemmas of method and representation that plague qualitative research. Fascinating and inspiring reading for any researcher in the Social Sciences this comprehensive collection encourages the reader to imagine the world in evermore complex and interesting ways and discover new routes to understanding. Some of the most influential figures in educational research consider questions such as: How does a socio-political context change the course of our research? What counts as a ‘truthful account’ in qualitative research? How do the voices of theory and the voices of ‘research subjects’ struggle to be heard in our research narratives? How can qualitative researchers ethically navigate the difficult terrain of research relationships? How is the material body rendered in qualitative research? Each chapter reveals a range of troubling dilemmas related to the critical aspects of research methodology in the Social Sciences and uses an illustrative case to elucidate the issues encountered by the researcher. Each writer brings a fierce philosophical spirit to her work, showing how methods or techniques of data-gathering grow from the theory and analysis of how research proceeds. A range of topics are addressed in a cross-disciplinary approach which will appeal to all scholars of qualitative research, undergraduate students in education programs and graduate students in a range of disciplines