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Scars & Stripes

Scars & Stripes

Author: Bruce Wm Stewart

Publisher: Digital on Demand

ISBN: 9781737785422

Category: Law

Page: 282

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Some 10 million US visa applications are filed each year. 40 percent will get denied. Only 10 percent will get Permanent resident “Green-cards”. Scars & Stripes records the 20-year journey of one family through the Immigration System, defying repeated denials, corrupt and incompetent immigration lawyers, and questionable conduct by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service and Department of State, to become one of the 10 percent.

Scars and Stripes

Scars and Stripes

Author: Tim Kennedy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781982190934

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From decorated Green Beret sniper, UFC headliner, and all around badass, Tim Kennedy, a rollicking, inspirational memoir offering lessons in how to embrace failure and weather storms, in order to unlock the strongest version of yourself. Tim Kennedy has a problem; he only feels alive right before he’s about to die. Kennedy, a Green Beret, decorated Army sniper, and UFC headliner, has tackled a bull with his bare hands, jumped out of airplanes, dove to the depths of the ocean, and traveled the world hunting poachers, human traffickers, and the Taliban. But he’s also the same man who got kicked out of the police department, fire department, and as an EMT, before getting two women pregnant four days apart, and finally, been beaten up by his Special Forces colleagues for, quite simply, “being a selfish asshole.” In Scars and Stripes, Kennedy describes how these failures shaped him into the successful businessman and devoted husband and father he is today. Through unbelievably vivid, wild anecdotes Kennedy reveals all the dumb, violent, embarrassing, and undeniably heroic things he’s done in his life, including multiple combat missions in Afghanistan, building a school in Texas for elementary kids, and creating two-multimillion-dollar businesses. You will learn that failure isn’t the end—rather it’s the first step towards unearthing the best version of yourself and finding success, no matter how overwhelming the setbacks may feel.

Summary of Tim Kennedy and Nick Palmisciano’s Scars and Stripes

Summary of Tim Kennedy and Nick Palmisciano’s Scars and Stripes

Author: Milkyway Media

Publisher: Milkyway Media


Category: Study Aids

Page: 30

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Buy now to get the main key ideas from Tim Kennedy and Nick Palmisciano’s Scars and Stripes In Scars and Stripes (2022), Green Beret and former UFC headliner Tim Kennedy and his friend Nick Palmisciano tell the story of how Tim learned to embrace failure and become the best possible version of himself. Tim was kicked out of both the fire department and the police department and lost two MMA championships. But he bounced back to join the US Army, where he hunted down terrorists and human traffickers, and eventually start a successful tactical training company. Tim earned his stripes by using his scars and failures as fuel to grow personally and professionally.

Miracles Still Happen

Miracles Still Happen

Author: Robin Dinnanauth

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781604774122

Category: Religion

Page: 134

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Miracles Still Happen! "This book reveals practical keys and real-life examples for receiving miracles from God. It is not only mind transforming but I am convinced that this will catapult your faith to another dimension in believing God for the impossible! - Pastor Linda A. Collymore Are you looking for a Miracle, because of: An accumulation of trouble and stress in your lives. Prayers that seemingly go unanswered. Questions that remains unanswered for long periods of time. Problems that remains unresolved. Broken marriages Financial difficulties Sickness and diseases in your body Hundreds of scriptural references recorded in both Old and New Testaments tell us that God is still a miracle working God. From the curing of blood diseases to the raising of the dead, nothing was, or is, impossible with God. The bible says He (GOD) is the same yesterday, today and forever more will be the same. By reading this book you will discover the keys to unlock your miracles and change your situation. _____________________________________________________________ Robin Dinnanauth is known for his dynamic and anointed prayer, healing and deliverance ministry. An Ordained Minister, Pastor, Overseer, and Sought-after conference speaker. He is the founder of Emmanuel Full Gospel Assemblies of Churches, Robin Healing Ministries and Emmanuel Bible Training Institute.

The Mountains Behind

The Mountains Behind

Author: Robert Douglas Morris

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532081859

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 142

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The Mountains Behind – Book Three, We Win! is the final, incredible update to the personal journey of Robert Douglas Morris. This is the latest book in the series that has empowered, encouraged and motivated its readers to keep the faith, while overcoming every obstacle along the path to victory! This inspiring conclusion shares more victories over life’s challenges, and motivates you to excel, conquer and overcome the battles we all face in the race towards the finish line!

Begin the Millennium Rhyme

Begin the Millennium Rhyme

Author: Eric K. Richardson

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 9781458221469

Category: Music

Page: 208

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Begin the Millennium Rhyme presents the authors original song lyrics over five decades, at the end of the twentieth century, into the new millennium. Raised in the American West in the 1950s and 1960s, Richardson chronicles a personal narrative in 124 song lyrics, the internal and cultural shifts, tenor, and style of his era, reflecting the influences of folk-rock and Americana songwriting. His writing takes the reader on a journey of short stories in rhyme, of time and place. These crafted stories are married to rhythm and melody, as sung on guitar, solo, or performed in band arrangements and sound recordings. This collection offers autobiographical and social observations of an American songwriter in the late twentieth century.

Scars and Stripes

Scars and Stripes

Author: Marcus Bethel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465389039

Category: Fiction

Page: 113

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This collection was generated by ideas derived from assignments and projects from my College years, enhanced by the general knowledge I received growing and learning in the Islands which I cherish so dearly. Having gone through the process of working, work-shopping and reworking the pieces, I was able to take what I deemed worthy to come up with these fictional representation of my experiences, incorporating my figurative account of the dilemma the transition to New York life added, creating entertainment for those worthy; also serving as a reminder to those who may have forgotten, FROM WHENCE WE CAME.

From Hell 2 Heaven

From Hell 2 Heaven

Author: Bill Perry

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098063467

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

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This book is about what a soldier goes through while in combat in the Middle East and returning home having to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While on the battlefield, dealing with firefights, being shot at, and having to hear the battle cries of wounded fellow soldiers all the while trying to save yourself are very traumatic experiences. Suppressing all of these horrific ordeals creates PTSD. We will bring to light the effects of PTSD and how veterans are returning home and finding it very difficult to function in civilian life. Through personal interviews with veterans, we have had several of them advise us that there is no atheist in a foxhole; you are praying to a higher power to help you through your ordeal. Some veterans returning home don't even realize they have PTSD until something happens that triggers a relapse. Something as simple as a sudden flash of light or a transformer blowing up may trigger a relapse of PTSD; and they may become very despondent or, even worse, very angry and become violent. Every case of PTSD is different. Although it may be created from the same traumatic experiences, the outcome from each veteran may be different. Most veterans try to conceal it or deal with it themselves, but the majority of them need assistance through other means when medications don't work. This book parallels true events that we as a private investigation agency have at one time or another encountered, even the unmentionable: human trafficking. Today's numbers show that we have the most slaves ever in the history of the world. There's danger everywhere, even by just taking a picture. We have the answer: read the book. You will see where to go and what to do when you're unable to talk to family or close friends concerning this issue.