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Dreams - Poetry of the Mind

Dreams - Poetry of the Mind

Author: Yael Eylat-Tanaka

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312617896

Category: Fiction

Page: 72

View: 240

Our dreams are a reflection of our subconscious thoughts, and a release of emotion that we might have felt during our waking hours. Our dreams are often confusing, nonsensical, downright strange, and at times even quite frightening. But they make great stories! They can also be the poems that our mind constructs in the quiet dark of the night, when daytime distractions fall by the wayside, and we are at the mercy of the goblins of our sleep.

Dreams Squibbles & Poetry

Dreams Squibbles & Poetry

Author: Jorge K

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1452019517

Category: Religion

Page: 138

View: 526

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** EDITORS and RETAILERS: For review copies or interview requests, contact: George Konieczny Tel: 514-761-3752 Cell: 514-830-0443 Email: [email protected] (When requesting a review copy, please provide a street address.) "Dreams Squibbles & Poetry" - Author shares dreams and thought-provoking drawings MONTREAL – Singer, songwriter and author Jorge K goes beyond the surface in Dreams Squibbles & Poetry (published by AuthorHouse), a unique new book showcasing a lifetime of creativity. In section one, Jorge K reveals unusual dreams which he has logged for over 20 years. Section two includes over 50 poems, and section three features more than 40 “squibbles” and their insightful captions. Jorge K recalls dreams with vivid accuracy, allowing readers to take a look into the deep subconscious. He also explains his fascination with dreams, distinguishing the ordinary from the lucid. Dreams Squibbles & Poetry is a delight to read for all audiences. Jorge K’s way with words and talent for rhyming make the poetry section interesting and relatable. Look for poems on all subjects ranging from nature to time travel. The Time Fax Machine: The Time Fax Machine is not made of plastic, Not of screws and washers, It has no moving parts, It is much more sophisticated, You will not find it at a mall, Don’t look for it in an office, It is not under a bench or in a hall, Write your letter to the dead, And take it with you to your bed, Invent it in your sleep to send it in a dream. The “squibbles” section is especially interesting, letting readers explore their own thoughts and ideas. Jorge K’s drawings take on a character, interpreting his message in a unique way.





ISBN: 9780359409099

Category: Poetry

Page: 36

View: 963

This Incredible, Outstanding, Poetry and Quotes Book was written to Inspire both Young and Old Readers of all Cultural Ethnic Backgrounds. It entails actual feelings and events of things that are currently taking place around the world and within the walls of our families and friends. It is an eye opener of mixed genre and emotions that each and everyone can relate to surrounding their past and present lifestyles. So brace yourself, relax and allow me the Author to control your inner thoughts as you meditate on the words that are entangled in these wonderful poetrilicious pages.

Chaucer's Dream Poetry

Chaucer's Dream Poetry

Author: Helen Phillips

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317900474

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 452

View: 154

Dream literature is regarded as one of the most important genres in medieval literature and is widely studied. This text provides a succinct and clear introduction to the five central poems that comprise Chaucer's Dream Poetry, and shows his role as a leading adapter of European Literary tradition into English Literature. The poems discussed are The Book of the Duchess, The Legend of Good Women, The Legend of Dido, The Parliament of Fowls and The House of Fame. Each have an introduction setting the poem within the context of Dream Poetry and Chaucer's own work. Appendices of proper names, pronunciation and criticism are also given. This volume is unique is presenting the poems together in an editorial and critical framework. The quality of annotation is unrivalled and will make this text a major addition to the literature suitable for those interested in the genre, literary, or more general history of the period.

Kathy’s Dream of Poetry

Kathy’s Dream of Poetry

Author: Viola Kathleen Bates

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503578067

Category: Poetry

Page: 112

View: 105

Through all the hell I went through God never left me, he just made me stronger to want to learn and achieve my goals and even though I raised my kids by myself after getting away from the abuse. My spirit was never broken, so no matter what happen in life don’t give up and don’t quit just remember it will get better and be strong don’t let no one bring and be bring you down. I see miracles happen every day for I know me and my family are one. And I met someone 17 years ago fell in love, but it was good it scared him away and two weeks ago he found me again it was like we were never apart. He had been looking for me and asking everyone and we was all around each other in many areas but we never met until two weeks ago. He says he will never let me go nor I him. An answered prayer come true so never give up cause dreams do come true. I’m a writer of Poetry Anthology. So far I’ve done a book and wrote two songs and one day they’ll be out there for the world to see. Some is already or the internet at My oldest son has a boy Taylor he will be 5 years old in two weeks and I have one granddaughter Maeleigh shes 3 months old and there both so precious at one time I thought about being a foster parent and this is changed. To where, when I get to where I’m going in life I will have a home for the homeless and help people in need to be able to get back on their feet. My youngest son has finally met someone good and hopefully one day he may be getting married and hopefully one day he may be getting married and hopefully one day all that’s done me and my man or my baby will to be. He has proposed and I said yes. But first things first always try to do what you set out to do no matter how long it takes you and in the end you’ll be glad you did I'm 54 years old now and my dreams are coming through Be true to yourself and good will follow.

Chaucer's Dream Poetry

Chaucer's Dream Poetry

Author: Barry A. Windeatt

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 9780859910729

Category: History

Page: 190

View: 442

This volume makes available in translation the texts that lie behind Chaucer's dream poems - l>The Book of the Duchess, The Parliament of Fowls, The House of Fame/l> and l>Prologue to the Legend of Good Women/l>. Chaucer's dream poems are now being increasingly studied and appreciated. With their attractively bookish dreamer figure and their graceful use of conventions and traditions, they have their distinctive place in Chaucer's work. But the nodern reader of these medieval poems particularly needs a sense of their literary context in the tradition of comparable narrative poems - largely in OId French - which Chaucer knew and drew upon. None of these French poems has ever been made available in English translation before, and many of the texts are difficult to access, being available only in dated French scholarly editions. The authors represented are Froissart, Machaut and Deschamps, as well as some minor and anonymous poems, and there are also relevant translations from Cicero and Boccaccio. The book gives an idea of what Chaucer's sources were in themselves, and in what ways the English poet was inspired to use and go beyond them, and this presents a picture of the poet at work. Some of the French poems are translated carefully by Chaucer, while with other poems he is selective, interested in certain sections of his sources only. In further cases, the original material can be seen to have provided a more general point of departure for Chaucer's own developments on his work.

The Distance Between Hopes and Dreams

The Distance Between Hopes and Dreams

Author: Charles Lobaito

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462045648

Category: Poetry

Page: 169

View: 990

In The Distance between Hopes and Dreams, author Charles Lobaito presents a collection of poetry that embodies and explores the human spirit. We all wish to be great, and we all dream beyond the heights of our imagination. The verses contained here examine those wishes and dreams--their conception and their accomplishment. Each poem in this volume offers a journey--a literary awakening into the places we know and beyond. The collection combines three books of poetry into one volume. Perception of the Navigator focuses on seizing one's destiny. The Epiphany Maker explores the abstract and the discovery of fate. Notebooks from the Past reflects on life in its search for peace. From love to war, hope to promise, history to time, freedom to knowledge, the verses in this collection share honest, witty, and philosophical considerations of life at the dawn of the twenty-first century. The Distance between Hopes and Dreams seeks to bring out the poet and dreamer in all of us. If Dreams Were Keys There'd Be No Locks Door I If dreams were keys there'd be no locks, All prisons empty, true love run amok! Fat angels would smile with rifles, and socks: To target the banana-strawberry heart. Door II Without any locks, lions would hunt Like beasts, to pounce, thus reinvent pun, Or breed like citizens for sport, and court: Under the vanilla paper bag sun ...