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Author: Hugh A. Dempsey

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co

ISBN: 9781772032185

Category: Social Science

Page: 168

View: 971

An enthralling collection of traditional Blackfoot stories revealing the frailty of mankind and the enduring power of narrative. Napi, the Old Man of the Blackfoot Nation, appears prominently in mythology, sometimes as a quasi-Creator, sometimes a fool, and sometimes a brutal murderer. Although Napi is given credit for creating many of the objects and creatures on Earth, and indeed the Earth itself, the Blackfoot do not consider him to be god-like. Napi stories tell of this mythical figure creating the world and everything in it, but getting into trouble when he starts tinkering with his own creation. Perhaps for this reason, anthropologists have labelled him a trickster/creator. For thousands of years, people have gathered around the campfire and listened to stories of how Napi blundered and schemed his way through Blackfoot country. They laugh at how Napi was outwitted by a lame fox, how he tried to fly with the geese only to look down when he was told not to and fell to the earth. He makes a perfect subject for telling, listening, and enjoying—and for teaching. Reproduced by permission of Blackfoot Elders, these stories offer complex insight into an ancient and still-thriving culture through the figure of a flawed yet powerful creature—a mirror of humankind itself.

Napi Legends

Napi Legends

Author: Ninastako Cultural Centre

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504976473

Category: Fiction

Page: 86

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These Napi legends develop the storyline of the trickster Napi; they include conversational Blackfoot words, and most importantly, they provide a glimpse into the past of the First Nations people who roamed the western Canadian prairies. Finally, the colourful drawings by a member of Kainai seal the authenticity of the book.

Napi's Dance

Napi's Dance

Author: Alanda Greene

Publisher: Second Story Press

ISBN: 9781926920887

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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In the mid-1800s, southern Alberta was dominated by the tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Snake Woman, from the Blackfoot Blood tribe, was born into a life of respect and cooperation with the rhythm of the natural world, a rhythm that seems to be irreparably disrupted by the advance of European traders and settlers. Eleanor, newly transplanted to this promised land with her homesteading parents, was raised on the stories of her uncle, who told of a sky that goes forever and a wind that can blow your memories away. Their ages, cultures, and social rules would divide Snake Woman and Eleanor, but the two share a connection to the sweeping prairie landscape, the "Best West," that they both love and want to protect. A chance encounter will unite their paths. In a time of disruption and loss, their resilience and determination offer hope that their two peoples, as well as the natural world around them, can survive great change.

Blackfoot Physics

Blackfoot Physics

Author: F. David Peat

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1578633710

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 356

View: 683

One summer in the 1980s, theoretical physicist F. David Peat went to a Blackfoot Sun Dance ceremony. Having spent all of his life steeped in and influenced by linear Western science, he was entranced by the Native American worldview and, through dialogue circles between scientists and native elders, he began to explore it in greater depth. Blackfoot Physics is the account of his discoveries. In an edifying synthesis of anthropology, history, metaphysics, cosmology, and quantum theory, Peat compares the medicines, the myths, the languages--the entire perceptions of reality of the Western and indigenous peoples. What becomes apparent is the amazing resemblance between indigenous teachings and some of the insights that are emerging from modern science, a congruence that is as enlightening about the physical universe as it is about the circular evolution of humanity's understanding. Through Peat's insightful observations, he extends our understanding of ourselves, our understanding of the universe, and how the two intersect in a meaningful vision of human life in relation to a greater reality.

Genetic Diseases of the Kidney

Genetic Diseases of the Kidney

Author: Richard P. Lifton

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0080924271

Category: Science

Page: 848

View: 792

Genetic approaches have revolutionized our understanding of the fundamental causes of human disease by permitting the identification of specific genes in which variation causes or contributes to susceptibility to, or protection from, disease. More than 2,000 disease genes have been identified in the last 20 years, providing important new insight into the pathophysiology of diseases in every field of medicine. Genetic Diseases of the Kidney offers expert insight into the role of genetic abnormalities in the pathogenesis of abnormal kidney function and kidney disease. Genetic abnormalities are carefully presented within the appropriate physiologic context so that readers will understand not only which genes are linked to which diseases but also which pathways lead from a genetic “disturbance” to the systemic appearance of disease. * Lays the essential foundation of mammalian genetics principles for medical professionals with little or no background in genetics * Analyzes specific renal diseases – both monogenic disorders confined to the kidney and systemic diseases with renal involvement – and explains their genetic causes *World-renowned editors and authors offer expert frameworks for understanding the links between genes and complex clinical disorders (i.e., lupus, diabetes, HIV, and hypertension)

Phytate destruction - consequences for precision animal nutrition

Phytate destruction - consequences for precision animal nutrition

Author: C.L. Walk

Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers

ISBN: 9789086868360

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 266

View: 643

Incorporating research chapters from academic authors around the world, this book focuses on the most recent scientific advances in understanding phytate; both IP6 and its esters. It examines phytate degradation patterns in the gastrointestinal tract, and investigates the relevance of gut microbiome and endogenous phosphatases on phytate breakdown, as well as regulation and functions of inositol diphosphates IP3, IP4, and IP7, IP8. It also identifies recommendations for formulating for minerals and amino acids in the presence of phytate, including the effects of phytase on protein bioavailability, and the impact of digestible Ca and P in both swine and poultry. This leading science and research is coupled with real-world pragmatism, including a focus on what industry stakeholders are currently doing to counter dietary phytate, and an overview of the role of nutrition in respect of bone health, meat quality, welfare, and antibiotic free production. As such, the content is relevant for scientists, nutritionists and producers alike.

Pediatric Bone

Pediatric Bone

Author: Francis H. Glorieux

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780123820419

Category: Medical

Page: 868

View: 136

The second edition of this classic reference deals exclusively with the biology and diseases of bone as they affect children. Rapid advances have been made in our understanding of the mechanisms and factors controlling the growth and development of bone, and these are discussed in detail in this book. Further, the various diseases of bone that are peculiar to children are highlighted and discussed in the light of our current knowledge with regard to causation, clinical signs and treatment. The book is aimed to provide those clinicians interested in children's diseases and basic scientists with a comprehensive resource covering the various aspects of bone health and disease in children. Deals exclusively with bone development and diseases of children and each chapter is written by an expert in the field Fully referenced providing an appendix of usually difficult to find information on the investigation of pediatric bone disease and reference values Covers both the physiology of bone and mineral homeostasis in children and diseases in one book