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Media Madness

Media Madness

Author: Otto F. Wahl

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813522137

Category: Psychology

Page: 244

View: 153

From Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, Kojak, and Melrose Place, from books, music, cartoons, advertising, and newspapers, we all derive our images of mental illness. These omnipresent media portrayals are at the least insensitive, inaccurate, and unfavorable and at the worst stigmatizing and pernicious. In this important book, Dr. Otto Wahl examines the prevalence, nature, and impact of such depictions, using numerous examples from film, television, and print media. He documents the remarkable frequency of these images and demonstrates how the media has stereotyped the mentally ill through exaggeration, misunderstanding, ridicule, and disrespect. Media Madness also shows the damaging consequences of such stereotypes - stigma, rejection, loss of self-esteem, reluctance to seek, accept, or reveal psychiatric treatment, discrimination, and restriction of opportunity. The forces that shape current images of mental illness are clarified, as are the efforts of organizations and individuals to combat such exploitation.

Media Madness

Media Madness

Author: James Bowman

Publisher: Encounter Books

ISBN: 9781594032875

Category: Social Science

Page: 134

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James Bowman provides a scintillating and fast-paced anatomy of the mainstream media self-generated demise. The Mind of the Media looks behind the headlines to examine mainstream media's governing myths. Writing with acerbic wit, Bowman shows how the mainstream media's embrace of a spurious notion of objectivity, combined with its addiction to scandal, and an unshakable conviction of its own moral superiority have done irreparable damage to the media's public authority.

Media Madness

Media Madness

Author: Dominic Ali

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd

ISBN: 1553371755

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 72

View: 736

Kids can take a behind-the-scenes guided tour with media-savvy host Max McLoon and learn to think critically about TV, music, magazines, video games, the Internet and more.

Media Madness

Media Madness

Author: Howard Kurtz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781621577560

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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According to the media, Donald Trump could never become president. Now many are on a mission to prove he shouldn’t be president. The Trump administration and the press are at war—and as in any war, the first casualty has been truth. Bestselling author Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News’s Media Buzz and former Washington Post columnist, offers a stunning exposé of how supposedly objective journalists, alarmed by Trump’s success, have moved into the opposing camp. Kurtz’s exclusive, in-depth, behind-the-scenes interviews with reporters, anchors, and insiders within the Trump White House reveal the unprecedented hostility between the media and the president they cover. In Media Madness, you’ll learn: Why White House strategist Steve Bannon told Trump he is in danger of being impeached How the love-hate relationship between the president and Morning Joe hosts—Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski—turned entirely to hate How Kellyanne Conway felt betrayed by journalists who befriended her—and how she fought back How elite, mainstream news reporters—named and quoted—openly express their blatant contempt for Trump How Bannon tried to block short-lived Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci—and why Trump soured on him How Ivanka and Jared Kushner aren’t the liberals the pundits want them to be—and why Trump tried to discourage them from joining the White House Why Trump believes some journalists harbor hatred for him—and how some liberals despise his voters How Trump is a far more pragmatic politician than the press often acknowledges (and how the press dismisses his flip-flops when he flops their way) What Trump got wrong about Charlottesville—and how Steve Bannon predicted the debacle How the media consistently overreached on the Russian “collusion” scandal Why Trump actually likes journalists, secretly meets with them, and allows the press unprecedented access Why Reince Priebus couldn’t do his job—and the real reason he left the White House How Sean Spicer privately berated journalists for bad reporting—and why he and Kellyanne Conway were relentlessly attacked by the media Never before has there been such an eye-opening, shocking look at what the White House and the media think about each other. It’s not pretty. But it also makes for the most important political book of the year.

Madness, Power and the Media

Madness, Power and the Media

Author: S. Harper

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230249509

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 238

View: 824

Questioning the psychiatric construction of mental distress as 'illness', and challenging existing studies of media stigmatization, Stephen Harper argues that today's media images of mental distress are often sympathetic, yet tend to reproduce the sexist, classist, racist and individualist ideologies of contemporary capitalism.

Mental Illness in Popular Media

Mental Illness in Popular Media

Author: Lawrence C. Rubin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786488636

Category: Social Science

Page: 307

View: 135

Whether in movies, cartoons, commercials, or even fast food marketing, psychology and mental illness remain pervasive in popular culture. In this collection of new essays, scholars from a range of fields explore representations of mental illness and disabilities across various media of popular culture. Contributors address how forms of psychiatric disorder have been addressed in film, on stage, and in literature, how popular culture genres are utilized to communicate often confusing and conflicted relationships with the mentally ill, and how popular cultures around the world reflect mental illness and disability. Analyses of sources as disparate as the Batman films, Broadway musicals and Nigerian home movies reveal how definitions of mental illness, mental health, and of psychology itself intersect with discourses on race, gender, law, capitalism, and globalization. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Multimedia Madness

Multimedia Madness

Author: Ron Wodaski

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 0672304139

Category: Computers

Page: 1190

View: 708

Presents a primer to the world of multimedia technology, covering the fundamentals, hardware and software, MIDI, NTSC video, and the Windows environment, and providing multimedia software and demonstration programs. Original.

Handbook of Research on Global Media’s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government

Handbook of Research on Global Media’s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government

Author: Schafer, Stephen Brock

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799888864

Category: Social Science

Page: 522

View: 567

Trends of the last few years, including global health crises, political division, and the ongoing threat to social-environmental survival, have been continually obscured by disinformation and misinformation and therefore created a need for stronger global technological media policy. It is no longer acceptable or moral to support a global communication network based only on market factors and propaganda. The Handbook of Research on Global Media’s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government views preternatural healing of the media-sphere from a variety of perspectives on the dynamic of heart-coherent entertainment. Specifically, it addresses the subject of a healthy media from a variety of fractal perspectives. Covering topics such as collective unconscious, mediated reality, and government media trust, this major reference work is an essential resource for librarians, media specialists, media analysts, sociologists, government employees, communications specialists, psychologists, researchers, educators, academicians, and students.

Exploring Media Research

Exploring Media Research

Author: Andy Ruddock

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526421777

Category: Reference

Page: 320

View: 157

Donald Trump's use of Twitter, the 'Angelina Effect', social media mourning, cyber-bullying: in today's media environment, evidence of media influence is all around us. As such, good media research is more important than ever, and crucially, is something all students can and should do. In Exploring Media Research, Andy Ruddock explains that the only way to learn or teach about media research is to do it. Carefully balancing theory and practice, he demystifies the process, showing you don't need huge amounts of time or money to do meaningful media analysis. This book: Explains how principles of motivation, causation, generalizability, and ethics apply to media research. Outlines different forms of 'reality' created by media stories, media users, and the blending of media and interpersonal communication. Identifies key areas of research, from media industries, content and events to regulation, policy and audiences. Demonstrates how key concepts translate into actual research methods, from archival and field research to the analysis of 'big data'. Brings theory to life throughout with a range of contemporary case studies. Exploring Media Research is a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to both gathering and analysing media data, and so making sense of the chaotic, complex, compelling world of media influence in the 21st century. It is essential reading for students and researchers across media, communication and cultural studies.

Mass Media Unleashed

Mass Media Unleashed

Author: Carl R. Ramey

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742555704

Category: Social Science

Page: 350

View: 325

Looks at the transformation of government policy since 1980 that has lead to changes in electronic media. The author argues that Washington policymakers must scrap the old regulatory system and write a new policy script designed to guarantee a broadcast service that is free, and dedicated to serving Americans as citizens, not just as consumers.

Rethinking Popular Culture and Media

Rethinking Popular Culture and Media

Author: Elizabeth Marshall

Publisher: Rethinking Schools

ISBN: 9780942961485

Category: Action research in education

Page: 354

View: 949

A provocative collection of articles that begins with the idea that the "popular" in classrooms and in the everyday lives of teachers and students is fundamentally political. This anthology includes articles by elementary and secondary public school teachers, scholars and activists who examine how and what popular toys, books, films, music and other media "teach." The essays offer strong critiques and practical pedagogical strategies for educators at every level to engage with the popular.