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Mathematical Methods of Quantum Physics: 2nd Jagna International Workshop

Mathematical Methods of Quantum Physics: 2nd Jagna International Workshop

Author: C C Bernido

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000124750

Category: Mathematics

Page: 362

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Articles are presented, covering a wide range of topics in the mathematical methods of quantum physics. These include infinite dimensional analysis based on white noise, operator algebra methods, Feynman path integrals, quantum mechanics on non-simply connected spaces, recent results in supersymmetric theories, stochastic and quantum dynamics, Yang-Baxter systems, statistical physics, thermo field dynamics, and quantum field theory. The essays are based on lectures contributed for the Second Jagna International Workshop held in honour of Prof. Hiroshi Ezawa, a distinguished physicist, educator, and former president of the Physical Society of Japan.

Path Integrals From Pev To Tev: 50 Years After Feynman's Paper - Proceedings Of The Sixth International Conference

Path Integrals From Pev To Tev: 50 Years After Feynman's Paper - Proceedings Of The Sixth International Conference

Author: Tognetti Valerio

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814543842


Page: 640

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A Garden of Quanta

A Garden of Quanta

Author: Jiro Arafune

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812795103

Category: Science

Page: 528

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Professor Hiroshi Ezawa / K. Watanabe -- 1. Quantum mechanics. Direct observation of the microscopic world by using phase shifts of electron waves / A. Tonomura -- Electron correlations in atoms: hyperspherical approach to multiply excited states of atoms / T. Morishita and C.D. Lin -- Bifurcation of periodic instantons and quantum-classical transition in a biaxial anisotropy nano-ferromagnet / Y.-H. Nie [und weitere] -- 2. Path integrals and stochastic processes. The Feynman path integral: an historical slice / J.R. Klauder -- Time-sliced approximation to path integral and Lie-Trotter-Kato product formula / T. Ichinose -- Innovation approach to some problems in quantum dynamics / T. Hida and Si Si -- Feynman paths, sticky walls, white noise / L. Streit -- White noise path integrals: applications in polymer entanglement / C.C. Bernido and M.V. Carpio-Bernido -- Double strata of time for construction of path-space measure for stochastic differential equations / T. Nakamura -- Olbers' paradox, wireless telephones, and Poisson random sets. Is the universe finite? / S. Heath and L. Shepp -- 3. Quantum field theory. Nonrelativistic QED at large momentum of photons / F. Hiroshima -- Enhanced binding in models of nonrelativistic quantum field theory / A. Arai -- Recent developments in mathematical methods for models in non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics / M. Hirokawa -- Localization in quantum field theory / S. Nagamachi and E. Brüning -- Remarks on the commutator of quark mass matrices / M. Kobayashi -- Probing extra dimensions with neutrino oscillations / C.S. Lam -- BPS wall in N = 2 SUSY nonlinear sigma model with Eguchi-Hanson manifold / M. Arai [und weitere] -- Current algebra approach to string theory / M. Hatsuda and W. Siegel -- 4. Statistical mechanics. Statistical mechanics of thermodynamic processes / J. Fröhlich [und weitere] -- How to formulate non-equilibrium local states in QFT? - General characterization and extension to curved spacetime - / J. Ojima -- Some applications of renormalization group analysis / H. Watanabe -- Seven-vertex solutions of the colored Yang-Baxter equation / S.-K. Wang and K. Wu -- Brownian motion as a model for B-cell movement / F.W. Wiegel -- The Lorentz force and the Casimir force at finite temperature and Casimir entropy / M. Revzen, K. Nakamura and A. Mann -- 5. Mathematical problems. Information dynamics and its application to recognition process / M. Ohya -- Amenability for weighted Hopf C*-algebras / Y. Nakagami -- The Bessel equation and dissipation / E. Alfinito and G. Vitiello -- 6. History. Simon Stevin and the cultural revolution in the 16th century / Y. Yamamoto