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Author: Felicity Scott

Publisher: Actar D, Inc.

ISBN: 9781638409403

Category: Architecture

Page: 320

View: 471

Felicity D. Scott revisits the architectural, art, video, and intermedia practices of the experimental collective Ant Farm, self-described ¨super-radical activist environmentalists.¨ Drawing together archival material on their extended fields of practice, Ant Farm features the first full-color publication of the complete Ant Farm Timeline, as well as Allegorical Time Warp: The Media Fallout (1969) and an archival dossier on Ant Farm's Truckstop Network (1970-1972). The Ant Farm architects produced experimental works on the "fringe of architecture" (1968-1978) and were influential video artists. Felicity D. Scott is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia University and a founding editor of Grey Room.

A Companion to Curation

A Companion to Curation

Author: Brad Buckley

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119206859

Category: Art

Page: 517

View: 960

The definitive reference text on curation both inside and outside the museum A Companion to Curation is the first collection of its kind, assembling the knowledge and experience of prominent curators, artists, art historians, scholars, and theorists in one comprehensive volume. Part of the Blackwell Companion series, this much-needed book provides up-to-date information and valuable insights on the field of curatorial studies and curation in the visual arts. Accessible and engaging chapters cover diverse, contemporary methods of curation, its origin and history, current and emerging approaches within the profession, and more. This timely publication fills a significant gap in literature on the role of the curator, the art and science of curating, and the historical arc of the field from the 17th century to the present. The Companion explores topics such as global developments in contemporary indigenous art, Asian and Chinese art since the 1980s, feminist and queer feminist curatorial practices, and new curatorial strategies beyond the museum. This unique volume: Offers readers a wide range of perspectives on curating in both theory and practice Includes coverage of curation outside of the Eurocentric and Anglosphere art worlds Presents clear and comprehensible information valuable for specialists and novices alike Discusses the movements, models, people and politics of curating Provides guidance on curating in a globalized world Broad in scope and detailed in content, A Companion to Curation is an essential text for professionals engaged in varied forms of curation, teachers and students of museum studies, and readers interested in the workings of the art world, museums, benefactors, and curators.

From Reliable Sources

From Reliable Sources

Author: Martha C. Howell

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801485606

Category: Philosophy

Page: 228

View: 306

A lively introduction to historical methodology, an overview of the techniques historians must master in order to reconstruct the past.

Absent Presences in the Colonial Archive

Absent Presences in the Colonial Archive

Author: Irene Hilden

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789462703407

Category: Political Science

Page: 302

View: 826

The Berlin Sound Archive (Lautarchiv) consists of an extensive collection of sound recordings, compiled for scientific purposes in the first half of the 20th century. Recorded on shellac are stories and songs, personal testimonies and poems, glossaries and numbers. This book engages with the archive by consistently focusing on recordings produced under colonial conditions. With a firm commitment to postcolonial scholarship, Absent Presences in the Colonial Archive is a historical ethnography of a metropolitan institution that participated in the production and preservation of colonial structures of power and knowledge. The book examines sound objects and listening practices that render the coloniality of knowledge fragile and inconsistent, revealing the absent presences of colonial subjects who are given little or no place in established national narratives and collective memories.

Remediating Transcultural Memory

Remediating Transcultural Memory

Author: Dagmar Brunow

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110436372

Category: Social Science

Page: 263

View: 920

The impact of digital global media, geopolitical changes and migration demands new theorizations within memory studies. Despite the growing field of media memory studies, the impact from film and media studies has been scarce within memory studies. This unique study offers new theorizations of three crucial concepts for media memory studies: remediation, transculturality and the archive. This book takes a closer look at the media specificity of archival footage and how it is adapted, translated and appropriated. In its original approach this work reflects upon the role of documentary film images for the construction of memory. By merging film and media studies with memory studies the work offers multiple theoretical and methodological approaches for everyone interested in the heritage of audiovisual media: film and media scholars, memory scholars, historians, art historians, social scientists, librarians or archivists, curators and festival programmers alike.

Community Archives

Community Archives

Author: Jeannette Allis Bastian

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 9781856046398

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 321

View: 463

How do archives and other cultural institutions such as museums determine the boundaries of a particular community, and of their own institutional reach, in constructing effective strategies and methodologies for selecting and maintaining appropriate material evidence? This book offers guidance for archivists, record managers and museums professionals faced with such issues in their daily work. This edited collection explores the relationships between communities and the records they create at both practical and scholarly levels. It focuses on the ways in which records reflect community identity and collective memory, and the implications of capturing, appraising and documenting these core societal elements - with particular focus on the ways in which recent advances in technology can overcome traditional obstacles, as well as how technologies themselves offer possibilities of creating new virtual communities. It is divided into five themes: a community archives model communities and non-traditional record keeping records loss, destruction and recovery online communities: how technology brings communities and their records together building a community archive. Readership: This book will appeal to practitioners, researchers, and academics in the archives and records community as well as to historians and other scholars concerned with community building and social issues.

Inheriting Dance

Inheriting Dance

Author: Marc Wagenbach

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 9783839427859

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

View: 693

»Inheriting Dance. An Invitation from Pina« sets out at the historical moment we found ourselves in after the passing of Pina Bausch. The Pina Bausch Foundation started their work of carrying the artistic heritage of dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch into the future. This book reflects discussions and questions aroused by her work: How to archive dance? How to deal with the performative heritage at the outset of the 21st century? How to describe the performativity of remembering? And finally, what is the task of an archive for tomorrow, an archive to serve as a workshop for the future? Furthermore, »Inheriting Dance« provides profound insight into the practical work of the Pina Bausch Foundation, on a local, national and global level, aiming at an archive as a place of transformation, exchange, creative production, and artistic practice, similar to an abundantly growing garden. A place for future generations of dancers, artists, non-professionals, and scholars. Contributions by Salomon Bausch, Stephan Brinkmann, Royd Climenhaga, Katharina Kelter, Gabriele Klein, Sharon Lehner, Keziah Claudine Nanevie, Linda Seljimi, Bernhard Thull, Michelle Urban and Marc Wagenbach.

The Archive of Thotsutmis, Son of Panouphis

The Archive of Thotsutmis, Son of Panouphis

Author: Jacqueline E. Jay

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9781614910664

Category: History

Page: 196

View: 921

The Archive of Thotsutmis, Son of Panouphis presents for the first time one of the largest collections of Demotic ostraca to have been discovered intact by archaeologists in the twentieth century. Rarely have such deposits been found in situ. Excavated by Ambrose Lansing on behalf of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1915-16 at the site of Deir el-Bahari, the integrity and context of this find are critical to the proper understanding of the texts it contained. Through the publication and analysis of this archive of Demotic and Greek texts recorded on ostraca, Muhs, Scalf, and Jay reconstruct the microhistory of Thotsutmis, son of Panouphis, and his family, who worked in Egypt on the west bank of Thebes as priests in the mortuary industry during the early Ptolemaic Period in the third century BC. The forty-two ostraca published in this volume provide a rare opportunity to explore the intersections between an intact ancient archive of private administrative documents and the larger social and legal contexts into which they fit. What the reconstructed microhistory reveals is an ancient family striving to make it among the wealthy and connected social network of Theban choachytes and pastophoroi, while they simultaneously navigated the bureaucratic maze of taxes, fees, receipts, and legal procedures of the Ptolemaic state.

Social Movements, Cultural Memory and Digital Media

Social Movements, Cultural Memory and Digital Media

Author: Samuel Merrill

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030328276

Category: Social Science

Page: 308

View: 176

This collected volume is the first to study the interface between contemporary social movements, cultural memory and digital media. Establishing the digital memory work practices of social movements as an important area of research, it reveals how activists use digital media to lay claim to, circulate and curate cultural memories. Interdisciplinary in scope, its contributors address mobilizations of mediated remembrance in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy, India, Argentina, the UK and Russia.

Neue Städte

Neue Städte

Author: Andreas Ludwig

Publisher: Wallstein Verlag

ISBN: 9783835347465

Category: History

Page: 191

View: 730

Neue Städte: Materialisierungen ihrer Zeit an einem konkreten Ort. Neue Städte sind Ausdruck einer Utopie: Mit ihnen sollte die Wohnungsnot im kriegszerstörten Europa gelöst, Wohnraum für groß angelegte Industrialisierungsprojekte und die Verwirklichung einer modernen Lebensweise ermöglicht werden. Zugleich stellten sie Repräsentation von Herrschaft und Raumkontrolle dar. Neue Städte altern jedoch schneller als andere Städte. Grund sind Strukturwandel und soziale Veränderungen. Es erfolgten Abrisse, aber auch denkmalpflegerische Rekonstruktion und der Aufbau Neuer Städte an anderen Orten. Die Beiträge des Buches beschreiben den Wandel der Neuen Stadt seit 1945 und verfolgen ihre Entwicklung bis zur Gegenwart - mit Beispielen aus Frankreich, Großbritannien, Albanien, Polen, Ungarn, Israel und China. Dabei geht es auch um die urbane und historische Authentizität der Neuen Stadt und den jeweiligen Umgang mit der eigenen Geschichte.

Digital Histories

Digital Histories

Author: Mats Fridlund

Publisher: Helsinki University Press

ISBN: 9789523690219

Category: History

Page: 382

View: 667

Historical scholarship is currently undergoing a digital turn. All historians have experienced this change in one way or another, by writing on word processors, applying quantitative methods on digitalized source materials, or using internet resources and digital tools. Digital Histories showcases this emerging wave of digital history research. It presents work by historians who – on their own or through collaborations with e.g. information technology specialists – have uncovered new, empirical historical knowledge through digital and computational methods. The topics of the volume range from the medieval period to the present day, including various parts of Europe. The chapters apply an exemplary array of methods, such as digital metadata analysis, machine learning, network analysis, topic modelling, named entity recognition, collocation analysis, critical search, and text and data mining. The volume argues that digital history is entering a mature phase, digital history ‘in action’, where its focus is shifting from the building of resources towards the making of new historical knowledge. This also involves novel challenges that digital methods pose to historical research, including awareness of the pitfalls and limitations of the digital tools and the necessity of new forms of digital source criticisms. Through its combination of empirical, conceptual and contextual studies, Digital Histories is a timely and pioneering contribution taking stock of how digital research currently advances historical scholarship.

Archive Stories

Archive Stories

Author: Antoinette Burton

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822387046

Category: History

Page: 408

View: 788

Despite the importance of archives to the profession of history, there is very little written about actual encounters with them—about the effect that the researcher’s race, gender, or class may have on her experience within them or about the impact that archival surveillance, architecture, or bureaucracy might have on the histories that are ultimately written. This provocative collection initiates a vital conversation about how archives around the world are constructed, policed, manipulated, and experienced. It challenges the claims to objectivity associated with the traditional archive by telling stories that illuminate its power to shape the narratives that are “found” there. Archive Stories brings together ethnographies of the archival world, most of which are written by historians. Some contributors recount their own experiences. One offers a moving reflection on how the relative wealth and prestige of Western researchers can gain them entry to collections such as Uzbekistan’s newly formed Central State Archive, which severely limits the access of Uzbek researchers. Others explore the genealogies of specific archives, from one of the most influential archival institutions in the modern West, the Archives nationales in Paris, to the significant archives of the Bakunin family in Russia, which were saved largely through the efforts of one family member. Still others explore the impact of current events on the analysis of particular archives. A contributor tells of researching the 1976 Soweto riots in the politically charged atmosphere of the early 1990s, just as apartheid in South Africa was coming to an end. A number of the essays question what counts as an archive—and what counts as history—as they consider oral histories, cyberspace, fiction, and plans for streets and buildings that were never built, for histories that never materialized. Contributors. Tony Ballantyne, Marilyn Booth, Antoinette Burton, Ann Curthoys, Peter Fritzsche, Durba Ghosh, Laura Mayhall, Jennifer S. Milligan, Kathryn J. Oberdeck, Adele Perry, Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, John Randolph, Craig Robertson, Horacio N. Roque Ramírez, Jeff Sahadeo, Reneé Sentilles