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Psychology Graduate School

Psychology Graduate School

Author: Steven R. Smith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538106600

Category: Psychology

Page: 168

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Psychology Graduate School: A User’s Manual is an enjoyable description of what being a graduate student in clinical, counseling, or school psychology programs is really like.

Getting Into Graduate School

Getting Into Graduate School

Author: Gregory J. Privitera

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483356716

Category: Psychology

Page: 233

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In this exciting new book, experienced author, professor, and teacher Gregory J. Privitera—2013 Advisor of the Year at St. Bonaventure University and recipient of the SBU Award for Professional Excellence in teaching in 2014—draws on his extensive expertise to give students a step-by-step plan for success in preparing for and applying to graduate school. Broad in scope and rich in detail, Getting Into Graduate School includes insights into how graduate school selection committees decide on candidates, a concrete freshman-to-senior-year plan, and samples of application materials, resumes, and cover letters. This empowering book provides everything students in psychology and the behavioral sciences need to map their course to academic and professional success. “Privitera helps students to keep their eye on a goal and a prize from day one of college, and he helps them to understand that long-term thinking can enhance all areas of life.” —Ramani Durvasula, California State University, Los Angeles “The single most impressive aspect…is the concrete plan outlined for how students can plan for applying to graduate school, as early as their freshman year.” —Stacy Bender, Alfred University

The Latinx Guide to Graduate School

The Latinx Guide to Graduate School

Author: Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478024309

Category: Social Science

Page: 146

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In The Latinx Guide to Graduate School Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales and Magdalena L. Barrera provide prospective and current Latinx graduate students in the humanities and social sciences fields with a roadmap for surviving and thriving in advanced-degree programs. They document the unwritten rules of graduate education that impact Latinx students, demystifying and clarifying the essential requirements for navigating graduate school that Latinx students may not know because they are often the first in their families to walk that path. Topics range from identifying the purpose of graduate research, finding the right program, and putting together a strong application to developing a graduate student identity, cultivating professional and personal relationships, and mapping out a post--graduate school career. The book also includes resources for undocumented students. Equal parts how-to guide, personal reflection, manifesto, and academic musing, this book gives a culturally resonant perspective that speaks to the unique Latinx graduate student experience.

The Women's Guide to Surviving Graduate School

The Women's Guide to Surviving Graduate School

Author: Barbara Rittner

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761903901

Category: Education

Page: 169

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The Women's Guide to Surviving Graduate School is an excellent resource for women embarking on this educational journey. It is written by women, specifically for women. It provides information and advice relevant to both American and Canadian women, and focuses on elements related to graduate schools in both countries. The book begins with the basic information about selection, applications, and acceptance processes and goes on to guide women through such issues as determining how much their degree program is likely to cost and how to find funding. The authors also provide valuable advice on determining the best methods for planning a course of study and selecting programs. Finally, this book provides women with practical suggestions for becoming successful students and finding employment, after graduation.

The Graduate School Mess

The Graduate School Mess

Author: Leonard Cassuto

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674495616

Category: Education

Page: 273

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American graduate education is in disarray. Graduate study in the humanities takes too long and those who succeed face a dismal academic job market. Leonard Cassuto gives practical advice about how faculty can teach and advise students so that they are prepared for the demands of the working worlds they will join, inside and outside the academy.

Surviving Graduate School Part Time

Surviving Graduate School Part Time

Author: Von V. Pittman

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:49015002666403

Category: Education

Page: 164

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Are you considering graduate school as a way to further your career? Are you already pursuing an advanced degree part time? If so, Surviving Graduate School Part Time is a must read. If you are at the point in your career when a graduate degree is needed as a professional credential, the prospect of graduate school may seem daunting and ill-timed. You may already work long hours in order to establish your career and have probably made major financial commitments, such as the purchase of a home, or an automobile, in addition to paying off undergraduate loans. This practical volume addresses the concerns of the working professional seeking a graduate degree while trying to maintain career and family responsibilities. The helpful information, advice, and short cuts author Von V. Pttman provides are gleaned from nearly 20 years of service in the continuing education divisions at three major state universities. Beginning with an overview of the development of graduate school as a part-time phenomenon, the author goes on to explore practical matters such as choices of schools and programs as well as strategies to help cut throughùor cope withùuniversity bureaucracies and financing. The author also includes appendixes that provide valuable information regarding regional accrediting associations, academic guidelines, entrance exam preparation, and financial aid.

Good Grad!

Good Grad!

Author: Joseph W Gangestad Ph D


ISBN: 0988972603

Category: Graduate students in engineering

Page: 228

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A graduate student in the sciences and engineering has to attend conferences, write journal articles, navigate collaborations, negotiate for lab equipment, mediate between squabbling lab mates, indulge eccentric professors, teach undergraduates, and secure funding every semester. Undergrad teaches you none of these skills, and no one warns you before you start grad school that you need them. "Good Grad " is a practical-and politically incorrect-guide for current and future grad students trying to unravel the mysteries of the master's degree and Ph.D. For most of your time in grad school, you're not worrying about looking good to an admissions committee or beefing up a resume. Instead, you're hoping that you'll get that teaching position next semester so you can pay the rent; you're working late into the night to get that conference abstract submitted before the deadline; you're wondering how to get forms signed when your advisor is out of town; you're hoping you won't have to spend the weekend feeding rats in the lab. "Good Grad " contains the hard-fought wisdom of those who have gone through these trials by fire and come out the other side. For budding scientists and engineers, "Good Grad " is an indispensable resource at every stage of a graduate career, from when you're deciding whether to attend grad school at all to when you're finally defending your thesis, and all the years in between. Table of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: Going to Grad School Chapter 2: The Milestones of Grad School Chapter 3: Your Advisor Chapter 4: The Research Group Chapter 5: Your Research Chapter 6: Funding Chapter 7: Going to a Conference Chapter 8: Publishing a Journal Article Chapter 9: The Bureaucracy Chapter 10: Getting a Job Epilogue: Social Life

The Engineering Student Survival Guide

The Engineering Student Survival Guide

Author: Krista Donaldson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics

ISBN: UOM:39015053385202

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 218

View: 719

Attrition in the Engineering disciplines at all Universities is a huge problem. This text, in its first edition, promised to educate all interested in the Engineering area as a whole. Educators and students bought this book because of their great interest in seeing engineers thrive and made it wildly successful. In this edition more information about engineering careers and the discipline generally is to be included. This practical approach is edging out the voluminous, traditional introduction to engineering books. In this second edition of The Engineering Student Survival Guide, Chapter 2 has been heavily revised with a completely new section entitled, "Ten Tricks of the Old-Timers (Upperclassmen)". Much of the information pertaining to the time before a freshman's first class begins has been deleted. This book is part of the B.E.S.T. (Basic Engineering Series and Tools) Series, which consists of modularized textbooks offering virtually every topic and specialty likely to be of interest to engineers. All the texts boast distinguished authors and the most current content. The goal of this series is to provide the educational community with material that is timely, affordable, of high quality, and flexible in how it is used.