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Images in Law

Images in Law

Author: William Pencak

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317118817

Category: Law

Page: 328

View: 668

What does 'the law' look like? While numerous attempts have been made to examine law and legal action in terms of its language, little has yet been written that considers how visual images of the law influence its interpretation and execution in ways not discernible from written texts. This groundbreaking collection focuses on images in law, featuring contributions that show and discuss the perception of the legal universe on a theoretical basis or when dealing with visual semiotics (dress, ceremony, technology, etc.). It also examines 'language in action', analyzing jury instructions, police directives, and how imagery is used in conjunction with contentious social and political issues within a country, such as the image of family in Ireland or the image of racism in France.

Law and Images

Law and Images

Author: - Prof Dr Thomas Dreier

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004411098

Category: Art

Page: 102

View: 391

Following an interdisciplinary approach linking image and legal sciences, Law and Images attempts to outline a research field “Law and Images” in parallel to the well-established “Law and Literature”. It also systematizes images in law, of law and for law.

The Images of the Consumer in EU Law

The Images of the Consumer in EU Law

Author: Dorota Leczykiewicz

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781509900374

Category: Law

Page: 488

View: 782

This book consists of contributions exploring from different perspectives the 'images' of the consumer in EU law. The images of the consumer form the foundation for various EU policies, more or less directly oriented towards the goal of consumer protection. The purpose of the volume is to establish what visions of the consumer there are in different contexts of EU law, whether they are consistent, and whether EU law's engagement with consumer-related considerations is sincere or merely instrumental to the achievement of other goals. The chapters discuss how consumers should be protected in EU contract, competition, free movement and trade mark law. They reflect on the limits of the consumer empowerment rationale as the basis for EU consumer policy. The chapters look also at the variety of concerns consumers might have, including the cost of goods and services, access to credit, ethical questions of consumption, the challenges of excessive choice and the possibility to influence the content of regulatory measures, and explore the significance of these issues for the EU's legislative and judicial process.

New Directions in Law and Literature

New Directions in Law and Literature

Author: Elizabeth S. Anker

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190456382

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 384

View: 950

After its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s, many wondered whether the law and literature movement would retain vitality. This collection of essays, featuring twenty-two prominent scholars from literature departments as well as law schools, showcases the vibrancy of recent work in the field while highlighting its many new directions. New Directions in Law and Literature furnishes an overview of where the field has been, its recent past, and its potential futures. Some of the essays examine the methodological choices that have affected the field; among these are concern for globalization, the integration of approaches from history and political theory, the application of new theoretical models from affect studies and queer theory, and expansion beyond text to performance and the image. Others grapple with particular intersections between law and literature, whether in copyright law, competing visions of alternatives to marriage, or the role of ornament in the law's construction of racialized bodies. The volume is designed to be a course book that is accessible to undergraduates and law students as well as relevant to academics with an interest in law and the humanities. The essays are simultaneously intended to be introductory and addressed to experts in law and literature. More than any other existing book in the field, New Directions furnishes a guide to the most exciting new work in law and literature while also situating that work within more established debates and conversations.

The Law of Photography and Digital Images

The Law of Photography and Digital Images

Author: Christina Michalos


ISBN: OSU:32437122095967

Category: Copying processes

Page: 907

View: 962

"The Law of Photography and Digital Images" provides in a single volume a text for legal practitioners covering all areas of law relevant to photography. It combines coverage of core topics, such as copyright and passing off with those where the law remains grey and relatively untested, such as the internet and implications of the Human Rights Act 1998. The work is divided into three parts - Rights in the Image, Place and Subject Matter of Photographs, and Use of Photographs. Topics covered include moral rights, trade marks, reporting restrictions, privacy, trespass, harassment, obscenity and data protection. There is detailed consideration of problems specific to photographs within each area of law together with an overview of the general principles. There is also detailed consideration of decisions of the Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority.