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How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs

How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs

Author: Greg Kuhn

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1492843520

Category: Self

Page: 128

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Have you had success manifesting small things using the law of attraction, but been frustrated with an inability to manifest your more important desires? Do you have important dreams and desires you've held for a long time, which always seem to remain just out of reach? Do you believe you have the power to influence your material reality, yet have been unable to truly create the life of your dreams? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you're a lot like millions of people who understand their immense personal power to influence their lives. Yet, just like the majority of those people, you've also noticed that manifesting your most important desires often seems too difficult or unattainable. The problem isn't you; the problem has been your reliance on old paradigms from old science. Quantum physics, however, has shown us a clear and simple roadmap to not only make you a much more powerful deliberate creator of your material reality, but even allow you to finally manifest those greatly desired outcomes which have eluded you for so long. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs is your personal coach in book-form, leading you to an amazing awakening of your higher self while also manifesting your greatest desires. Your natural power to create abundance and achieve your dreams is a birthright you shouldn't spend another moment denying yourself. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs will coach you to simply and easily focus and harness your inherent power to create your material reality. Using everyday language and "street-level" instructions, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs will have you manifesting a vast array of personal dreams and goals much faster and more completely than you previously thought possible.

Quantum Love

Quantum Love

Author: Laura Berman, Ph.D.

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401948856

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 392

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Falling in love is a thrilling, transcendent experience . . . but what about staying in love? Once the intense excitement of a new relationship starts to fade, you may think your only options are to somehow recapture that early magic or settle for a less than fulfilling love life. Now love, sex, and relationship expert Laura Berman, Ph.D., taps the latest scientific and metaphysical research to offer an inspiring alternative: a higher level of love beckoning you to move forward, not backward. Using the essential truth we’ve learned from the study of quantum physics—the fact that at our molecular core, each of us is simply a vessel of energy—Dr. Berman explains how you can use what’s happening in your inner world to create a level of passion, connection, and bliss in your relationship that you’ve never imagined possible. Drawing on her clinical practice and case studies as well as her personal journey, she guides you to: •Plot your unique energetic frequency of love with her Quantum Lovemap •Work consciously with the energy of your body, heart, and mind •Make four key commitments designed to raise your energetic profile •Bring your frequency into harmony with your partner’s so that you can grow together •Learn how to have Quantum Sex (which is every bit as good as it sounds)Quantum Love is the best possible experience of love, and it’s available to absolutely everyone, whether you’re seeking a mate, in a relationship that’s struggling, or just finding that love has turned lackluster through the stresses of life. You can’t go back to the honeymoon phase, but there is something so much better within your reach. Quantum Love lets you reach new heights of intimacy as you gain a fuller sense of purpose in life and love.

Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists

Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists

Author: Paul Sanghera

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470922699

Category: Computers

Page: 544

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Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists is a self-contained, comprehensive review of this complex branch of science. The book demystifies difficult concepts and views the subject through non-physics fields such as computer science, biology, chemistry, and nanotechnology. It explains key concepts and phenomena in the language of non-physics majors and with simple math, assuming no prior knowledge of the topic. This cohesive book begins with the wavefunction to develop the basic principles of quantum mechanics such as the uncertainty principle and wave-particle duality. Comprehensive coverage of quantum theory is presented, supported by experimental results and explained through applications and examples without the use of abstract and complex mathematical tools or formalisms. From there, the book: Takes the mystery out of the Schrodinger equation, the fundamental equation of quantum physics, by applying it to atoms Shows how quantum mechanics explains the periodic table of elements Introduces the quantum mechanical concept of spin and spin quantum number, along with Pauli's Exclusion Principle regarding the occupation of quantum states Addresses quantum states of molecules in terms of rotation and vibration of diatomic molecules Explores the interface between classical statistical mechanics and quantum statistical mechanics Discusses quantum mechanics as a common thread through different fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology Each chapter features real-world applications of one or more quantum mechanics principles. "Study Checkpoints" and problems with solutions are presented throughout to make difficult concepts easy to understand. In addition, pictures, tables, and diagrams with full explanations are used to present data and further explain difficult concepts. This book is designed as a complete course in quantum mechanics for senior undergraduates and first-year graduate students in non-physics majors. It also applies to courses such as modern physics, physical chemistry and nanotechnology. The material is also accessible to scientists, engineers, and technologists working in the fields of computer science, biology, chemistry, engineering, and nanotechnology.

Contextuality from Quantum Physics to Psychology

Contextuality from Quantum Physics to Psychology

Author: Ehtibar Dzhafarov

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814730624

Category: Mathematics

Page: 480

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The book explores the variety of meanings of contextuality across different disciplines, with the emphasis on quantum physics and on psychology. Contents:Conversations on Contextuality (Ehtibar N Dzhafarov & Janne V Kujala)Contextual Semantics (Samson Abransky)From Coupling to Copula (Hans Colonius)Einstein, Bohm, and Leggett-Garg (Guido Bacciagaluppi)It is the Theory Which Decides What We Can Observe (Thomas Filk)Reality, Contextuality, and Probability in Quantum Theory and Beyond (Arkady Plotnitsky)Contextual Emergence (Harald Atmanspacher)Contextuality in Physics and Quantum Cognition (J Acacio de Barros & Gary Oas)End-Directedness and Context in Nonliving Dissipative Systems (James A Dixon, Dilip Kondepudi, Bruce A Kay & Tehran J Davis)Foregrounding the Background (J Scott Jordan, Jiuyang Bai, Vincent Cialdella & Daniel Schloesser)Symmetry-Breaking in Multiagent Coordination (Michael J Richardson & Rachel W Kallen)Probabilistic Contextuality (Janne V Kujala & Ehtibar N Dzhafarov)Quantum Thinking and Counterfactual Reasoning (Louis Narens)Quantum Theory, Active Information and the Mind-Matter Problem (Paavo Pylkkänen)Principles Defining Quantum Mechanics (Gary Oas & J Acacio de Barros)Our (Represented) World: A Quantum-Like Object (Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky & Francois Dubois)Why Would You Want to Borrow from My Discipline? (Emmanuel Haven)Quantum Information Biology (Masanari Asano, Irina Basieva, Andrei Khrennikov, Masanori Ohya, Yoshiharu Tanaka & Ichiro Yamato)Similarity Judgments: From Classical to Complex Vector Psychological Spaces (Albert Barque Duran, Emmanuel M Pothos, James M Yearsley, James A Hampton, Jerome R Busemeyer & Jennifer S Trueblood)A Quantum Bayes Net Approach to Causal Reasoning (Jennifer S Trueblood, Percy K Mistry & Emmanuel M Pothos) Readership: Researchers in quantum physics, mathematical modelling and cognitive science. Key Features:It is historically the first book dedicated entirely to contextualityIt is interdisciplinary, involving quantum physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, analytic philosophers, economists, and psychologistsIts chapters are written by leading specialists in these various fieldsKeywords:Contextuality;Quantum Physics;Psychology

The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition

The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition

Author: Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401949594

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 264

View: 344

Unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles It has been ten years since the publication of The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton’s seminal book on the relationship between mind and body that changed the way we think about our lives, our health, and our planet. During that time, research in this field has grown exponentially – Lipton’s groundbreaking experiments have now been endorsed by more than a decade of rigorous scientific study. In this greatly expanded edition, Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, explores his own experiments and those of other leading-edge scientists that have unraveled in ever greater detail how truly connected the mind, body, and spirit are. It is now widely recognized that genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead, they are controlled by signals from outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our thoughts. This profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics puts the power to create a healthy, joyous life back in our own hands. When we transform our conscious and subconscious thoughts, we transform our lives, and in the process help humanity evolve to a new level of understanding and peace.

Religion, Neuroscience and New Physics in Dialogue

Religion, Neuroscience and New Physics in Dialogue

Author: Darren Marks

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781839980107

Category: Religion

Page: 250

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Can we live with being merely a brain with a history of being souls? Can our supra-nature, learnt in the crucible of religion and expressed in theology, survive without being exiled to the quantum mysteries of consciousness? Our very survival depends on these questions being answered and in a manner by which a non-expert can understand. The book explores these ideas and posits how we might be able to understand ourselves as merely brain without the confusion of pixie dust in the nanotubules, reorienting ourselves to the idea of Nature, and our humane ethical response. By looking at the challenge of neuroscience to identity and our souls, the book explores the tension of being scientific and theological and helps guide the reader to what can be said by either front in our axial age. The work places the soul, neuroscience and the new physics (as refuge for emergence of souls) into a conversation that considers what can be said about the Real of reality, including G-d. The book works theology, religion and science together so that each is given its voice and place in the conversation on how humans can become nature realists as a response to our challenges as a species with respect to climate change and worldwide pandemics.

Economics for a Fairer Society

Economics for a Fairer Society

Author: Tim Gooding

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030170202

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 184

View: 460

This Palgrave Pivot presents experiments that reveal core dynamics of trade in a complex system. Monetary trade is stripped of all its complications and placed in agent-based models, a complexity research tool capable of reproducing emergent behaviour and evolution. Included are ground-breaking repeatable experiments exploring the impact of evolutionary prerequisites empirically present in markets. Isolating the core dynamics of trade results in very simple agent-based models. However, decades of complexity research demonstrate that even the simplest systems result in emergent behaviour that is extremely difficult to anticipate. Readers who are only familiar with the linear-system theories and models used to train almost all undergraduate economics students might be surprised to witness price detaching from supply and demand, and extreme poverty and wealth arising in trade systems populated by agents with equal ability and opportunity. Watch as empirical evolutionary prerequisites are introduced and price patterns characterising two different markets – asset markets and speculative markets – emerge irrespective of supply and demand. In addition to laying the groundwork of monetary trade in a complex system, more complicated models feature mortal reproductive agents. Including ‘living’ populations in economic models reveal how the complexity characteristics of our market economy are impacting impoverishment and starvation. This book invites anyone interested in economics to join the growing ranks of people who are fascinated by the insights offered by complexity research.

Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs

Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs

Author: John Ankerberg

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 1565071603

Category: Religion

Page: 670

View: 272

This comprehensive, indexed volume includes short, one-page listings of pertinent facts about a particular movement, its founder, how it claims to work, scientific evaluations done, and its potential dangers. Some topics covered are angels, visualization, shamanism, hypnosis, new age medicine and martial arts.

Quantum Physics - Incredible Unlimited Memory

Quantum Physics - Incredible Unlimited Memory

Author: Carl Weston

Publisher: Shockwave Publishing via PublishDrive

ISBN: PKEY:6610000166152

Category: Science

Page: 131

View: 597

Get a much better understanding of quantum physics starting from the basic concepts to some in-depth information. Quantum Physics When we hear the term quantum physics, the first thought that comes to our mind is Einstein and his theory of relativity. Of course, it goes without saying that there is much more to quantum physics than that. Physics is an excellent medium of explaining a million different things starting from heating a cup of coffee to gravitational pull. There is no real limit in the discipline of physics. It involves matters that are as huge as the galaxy to things as small as neutrons. This book deals with the smallest side of it, which is the branch of quantum physics. Incredible Unlimited Memory You are about to go on a journey few people will ever take, and you don’t even need any special skills to get started. Everything you need to know to become a memory master is right here in this book: Learn about all the ways the brain creates and stores memories, and how you can use them to your advantage on your path to memory supremacy. In this book set you will learn: What Quantum Physics is Theories of Matter Wave-Particle Duality The Einstein-Podolsky paradox Applications of Quantum Physics Highly specialized techniques to enhance your natural memory abilities How to become an elite tier memory genius The secrets of some of the most highly advanced techniques of accelerated learning And Much Much More! Buy this 2 book set NOW to set to learn the exciting world of Quantum Physics PLUS the tried and true techniques of unlocking your brains unlimited memory ability! Get your copies today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Quantum God

Quantum God

Author: Michelle Langenberg

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452571294

Category: Self-Help

Page: 294

View: 905

If Quantum God were a Who, God would not be the judgmental, biased, and sometimes malicious Old Man in the Sky many of us grew up with, but rather the All where everything is possible and pulsating with potential. If Quantum God were a What, God might be the fabric that connects every idea, every desire, every personality, and everything in a pulsating, energetic, ever-Becoming Whole. If Quantum God were a Where, God could be the Higgs-Boson “God Particle” upon which angels dance or an “everywhere” with ever-burgeoning dimensions well beyond our comprehension of the universe as we know it. If Quantum God were a Why, God would exist because creativity cannot be contained or restrained, but seeks free-flowing expression, expanding in waves and ripples of idea-become-event. Yet Quantum God may be most like a How—the how behind everything we know and “laws” we can only guess at, the how that lays the groundwork for miracles as commonplace occurrences and composes a theme from the frequency (or vibration) of joy. Quantum God: How Life Really Works sheds light on the misconceptions that limit us and offers insights that can free us to be the true powers we really are, seemingly magical beings who create with godlike abilities. When we understand the invisible workings of the universe, we stop being victims of creative laws we don’t understand. These laws rule our lives, whether we comprehend them or not. What could we do if we understood them? Is there anything we could not do? Miracles are the way life is meant to work. Quantum God tells about how we shortchange ourselves, our true creative potential, how our hopes and dreams, fears and feelings of inadequacy create our experiences, how to rise out of depression, victimhood, and blame to find joy and peace, how to believe in ourselves and live with confidence and optimism. You are now what you think you are — but you’re actually so much more! You can become whatever you believe is possible. Learn how to redefine yourself.

Drop the Bs (Belief Systems) and Be

Drop the Bs (Belief Systems) and Be

Author: Keli Adams

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728328577

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 198

View: 485

Leave all opinions, judgments, and beliefs at the door... Prepare to stretch your perceptions about “reality” and join psychic medium Keli Adams on a brief, sometimes humorous, always thought-provoking roller-coaster ride. Keli will take you through some of the bizarre and terrifying events of her life and her gradual acceptance of her unique abilities—gifts she’s learned to use to help others in profound ways. DROP the BS and BE offers a simple yet powerful way to shift your perceptions and change your life instantly. By releasing all the BS (belief systems) and choosing to simply BE, Keli will show you how to “play” with quantum physics in order to manifest amazing things in your life! Quantum play keeps the ego away. The last section of the book contains the SOELI Transmissions—the Source of Energy, Light, and Information...or “God.” Keli gets out of the way and simply types information straight from SOELI. These transmissions are pure, raw, and unedited. Learn to live your own truth with a childlike sense of trust, wonder, curiosity, grace, gratitude, and love. BE instead of DO. Allow yourself to get “unstuck” and out of your head, DROP the “Belief Systems” and BE one with divine mind...a space of playful joy, healing, miracles, and unlimited possibility. About the Author: Keli Adams has been studying the mind/body connection, other dimensions and states of consciousness, quantum physics, and alternative healing for over thirty years. She is a psychic medium, interspecies communicator, paranormal researcher, medical intuitive, healing facilitator, hypnotherapist, Reiki master/teacher, Silva graduate, grief counselor, psychometrist, labyrinth facilitator, and author. DROP the BS and BE is her seventh book. She has been a flight attendant for a major American airline since 1986 and lives somewhere, nowhere, and everywhere with her small herd of cats. Keli offers intensely fun, loving and powerful 1-day workshops called “ReunionZ,” where she teaches you how to become your own medium to communicate with loved ones/pets any time you like. For more information about Keli, her books, or services, visit

The Biology of Belief

The Biology of Belief

Author: Bruce H. Lipton


ISBN: 9781458770325

Category: Psychology

Page: 356

View: 522

Author Lipton is a former medical school professor and research scientist. His experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, have examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Lipton's profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a breakthrough, showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.