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Healing Our Future

Healing Our Future

Author: Andy Garman

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781523090129

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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This book is a practical, evidence-based guide to seven key leadership disciplines that will help anyone working in healthcare to pursue brighter futures. In this book, Andrew Garman looks at the major changes facing healthcare organizations and the leadership competencies required to successfully meet those challenges. He explains how people become more effective leaders over time and what science tells us works best in making this happen. At the heart of this book are seven universal disciplines—values, health system literacy, self-development, relations, execution, boundary-spanning, and transformation—which Garman divides into “enabling” and “action” disciplines. The enabling disciplines encompass the foundational work that makes leadership efforts more effective: learning more about ourselves, deepening our understanding of the world around us, and taking care of ourselves. The action disciplines describe leadership in the context of getting the work done: setting and resetting direction, collaborating inside and outside our organizations, anticipating what's coming, and helping people prepare for it. Collectively, they form an evidence-based common language of leadership that readers can easily map to any model that their organization or profession may already be using. Each chapter provides a description of the discipline, illustrates why it is important, and offers specific advice on how to raise proficiency. Appendixes offer step-by-step guidance on recruiting and engaging good mentors, along with input on developing long-term and foresight skills.

The Art of Consciously Healing Our Addictions

The Art of Consciously Healing Our Addictions

Author: Raul Llanos, MD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504359429

Category: Self-Help

Page: 132

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Within our daily realities, we all face challenges. It is our choice whether we deal with them in a positive or negative way. Unfortunately, some of us turn to addictive behaviors in an attempt to relieve or forget inner-turmoil or painful experiences. By gaining awareness of these unhealthy responses, we can reverse addictive patterns and learn to look within to create happiness and fulfillment. Raul Llanos, a physician with more than forty years of experience, shares guidance, ideas, concepts, and techniques that will help others achieve a higher stage of consciousness, create a freer reality full of joy, and embrace Gods unconditional love. Dr. Llanos begins by examining who we are, where we are coming from, and where we are going before moving into a deeper reflection on the twelve steps commonly used in addiction rehabilitation. Included are suggestions on how to release long-held addictions through a variety of holistic methods and move into a better place of health and well-being. The Art of Consciously Healing Our Addictions offers wisdom from a seasoned physician that encourages others to shun addictive behaviors and awaken to a new reality that connects spirituality with self-awareness

HOPE - Healing Our People & Earth

HOPE - Healing Our People & Earth

Author: Jude Currivan

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781848506473

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

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As a cosmologist and healer, Dr Jude Currivan has journeyed to nearly seventy countries around the world and has explored and studied numerous important sacred sites and places of conflict. HOPE shares her understanding and experiences of the energetic connections between people and places from a spiritual perspective which is informed and expanded by leading edge science. HOPE investigates too how different groups and countries reflect and embody the same themes and issues that we experience on an individual human level. It reveals how the history of different areas of conflict around the world and our collective fear-based behaviours are based on traumas that we have energetically continued to resonate with - and crucially how to heal and release them. HOPE also shows the cosmic connection between astrological influences and the 'bigger picture' of what is unfolding, and explores why 2012 is so synchronistically destined to offer us the breakthrough of a shift of collective consciousness – if, as the Mayans say, we choose to do so!

Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval

Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval

Author: Alberto Villoldo

Publisher: Hay House Incorporated

ISBN: 9781401906252

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 191

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This fascinating book by psychologist and medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., explains the practices for healing outside of ordinary time and space. It shows how to enter the timeless now to heal events that occurred in the past, and to correct the course of destiny. Dr. Villoldo discusses ways in which you can heal yourself and your loved ones by employing intention through practices used by shamans of the Americas--which, until now, have been inaccessible to most of the world. The shamans of old called this journeying. In this book, you'll discover that you have a four-chambered heart in the same way you have a four-chambered soul. In the first chamber, you store away the memory of a wound that derailed your destiny. In the second, you keep the limiting beliefs and soul contracts that you entered into at the time of your loss. In the third, you recover the grace and trust that will make you whole again; and in the fourth, you remember the calling and mission that you choose to unfold in this lifetime. "While everyone has a future," Villoldo says, "only certain people have a destiny." This book shows you how to find and manifest yours.

Healing Our History 3rd Edition

Healing Our History 3rd Edition

Author: Robert Consedine

Publisher: Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited

ISBN: 9781742532677

Category: History

Page: 336

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A powerful and humane book, Healing Our History eschews rhetoric and cuts to the true story of race relations in New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi is the most important document in New Zealand's history. Current Treaty issues and Maori/Pakeha relationships can only be understood within the wider story of New Zealand. As we understand and honour our history, we can acknowledge the need for restoration, healing and right relationships. The public response to previous editions of this bestselling book by Robert Consedine and his daughter Joanna Consedine has been strong and overwhelmingly positive. This 2012 edition updates and expands on the critical issues: the foreshore and seabed debate, Maori access to political power, and the emergence of the Maori Party; the remarkable growth of the Maori economy, self-determination, Maori language and the developments in Maori education; constitutional issues, and the benefits of the Treaty settlement process. New Zealand and all New Zealanders have much to celebrate-and many challenges ahead. Drawing on Robert's unique experience as a leading Treaty educator, the powerful message of this book illustrates how each and every New Zealander across all cultures can discover a new sense of personal and national identity, grounded in an authentic Treaty relationship. 'This is one of those books New Zealand needs.' --Michael King 'Based on years of Treaty work experience, [this book] is essential reading.' --Claudia Orange

Healing Our Children

Healing Our Children

Author: Ramiel Nagel

Publisher: Rami Nagel

ISBN: 9780982021316

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 385

View: 104

Nagel reveals the actual cause of the following diseases: Birth Defects, Sudden Infant Death, Autism, Infertility, Colic, Tooth Decay, Miscarriage, Infant Mortality, Morning sickness, Premature Birth, Scoliosis, Postpartum Depression, and Mental Disabilities. The true cause is our toxic foods, our toxic medicines, our toxic environment, and our toxic world. In knowing this and learning to make wise choices, you become empowered to prevent these conditions.

Healing Our Autistic Children

Healing Our Autistic Children

Author: Julie A. Buckley

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 0230102247

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 303

Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with a disease on the autism spectrum--including ADD, learning disabilities, Asperger's, Autism, and PDD--making it today's most common childhood disability. While the medical establishment treats autism as a psychiatric condition and prescribes behaviorally based therapies, Dr. Julie A. Buckley argues that it is a physiological disease that must be medically treated. Part personal story of her battle to heal her autistic daughter, part guide for parents, Healing Our Autistic Children explains simply and accessibly the new treatments and diets that have already proven effective for many families. Told through the case studies of her patients, the book is divided into four typical visits to Dr. Buckley's pediatric practice so that parents can see the progression of initial treatment. Written in a warmly engaging voice, parents new to the diagnosis will: - learn about clinical treatments that work - understand how different foods affect the body and how to begin implementing diets - learn to navigate the medical system and advocate for their child - bridge the communication gap with their pediatrician - discover that recovery is possible

Healing My Heart

Healing My Heart

Author: Jennifer Tovar

Publisher: Aleya Michelle

ISBN: 9781502368201

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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Roxy is in a bind... Should she stay true to herself or should she follow her wounded heart back to her first love? Back to the one who left her heartbroken and alone. Who will be the one to help heal her heart? Will it be Dylan, who started as her re-bound, but has become her strength and her life line over the past few months. Or will it be Kade, the one who stole her heart and showed her the true meaning of love. Then showed her all the despair, vulnerability and pain a broken heart can cause. Which path will bring her to her happily ever after?

The power of self healing

The power of self healing

Author: Raúl Llanos, M.D.

Publisher: Palibrio

ISBN: 9781463367664

Category: Self-Help

Page: 164

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We are all interested in knowing who we are and the purpose of our lives. Our healing gives us the opportunity to understand ourselves better and therefore achieve better health. When we take more responsibility for our healing, we can expand more our levels of knowledge and welfare. During the journey you will take upon reading my book, you will fi nd the opportunity to share with me my sincere wishes to fi nd a better welfare for ourselves, as human beings, and the universe in general. I was born in Surata, Colombia. I fi nished my medical studies at the medical school of the Universidad del Valle and University Hospital in Cali, Colombia; the Lutheran Medical Center in Cleveland; and the Charity Hospital of New Orleans, Tulane Division, where I did my specialization in obstetrics and gynecology. Through my human experience, I have been in different places and at different times, but in the deepest core of my being, there has always been a need for a better relationship with myself and with my outer world. I have always wanted to vividly live more consciously, my knowledge and my experience of holistic medicine as integral as a hologram. My relationship with nature, my sports, among others, and the need to live in a family that is increasingly healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well have been the key drivers of my enigmas and dilemmas in fi nding my selfhealing. Let us create more hope.

Harmonious Healing and the Immortal's Way

Harmonious Healing and the Immortal's Way

Author: Jasmuheen

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 9781891824593

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 194

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Just Lighten Up! is dedicated to everyone in the world who has ever had a bad day. On one such occasion I met Mobley, one of the "Lighten Up" Angels, who reminded me that life is an opportunity for us to experience joy, laughter, love, peace and harmony. Each little angel in this coloring book is demonstrating a tool we can all use to help us lighten up during the day. If we really want to be grumpy and unhappy, we can. But it is very difficult to stay that way when the Lighten Up Angels start revealing themselves in our lives. So call on these angels. Ask them to laugh and play with you, to help you see the humor in all experiences you create. Release negative thoughts, feelings and emotions as you color these lighthearted little angel pictures. Laughter is the best "medicine," and these little angels can brighten any day!

The Sacred Path of the Therapist: Modern Healing, Ancient Wisdom, and Client Transformation

The Sacred Path of the Therapist: Modern Healing, Ancient Wisdom, and Client Transformation

Author: Irene R. Siegel

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393712421

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

View: 655

Integrating Western psychological understanding with ancient Eastern and wisdom traditions, Siegel addresses how spiritual resonance is achieved within the psychotherapeutic process in The Sacred Path of the Therapist. Readers will learn how mindfulness practices and attunement can help them move clients toward recovery and beyond, allowing full potential to emerge within a shared coherent field of awakening consciousness. Topics include translating transpersonal theory into practice, understanding the human energy field, and the integration of psychotherapy and spiritual initiation. Drawing from her unique experiences working with master shamans as well as practicing as a psychotherapist, Irene Siegel discusses the evolving role of the therapist as both therapist and healer. Shamans are ancestral teachers, guides to nonordinary realms of consciousness and a divine cosmic whole within silent sacred spaces. Using lessons from native shamanic tradition and the evolving field of transpersonal psychology, both healer and client will learn to access the innate inner wisdom and healing potential within themselves through guided meditation exercises within moment-by-moment sacred space. The expanding content and context of therapy blends the two worlds: the clinical world and the world of the shaman.