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Healing Children

Healing Children

Author: Kurt Newman, M.D.

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698191648

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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A National Bestseller An “astounding and miraculous ” (Madeline Levine) medical memoir by one of our nation’s leading pediatric surgeons-- the visionary head of Children’s National Anyone who has seen a child recover from a wound or a broken bone knows that kids are made to heal. Their bodies are more resilient, more adaptive, and far more able to withstand acute stress than adults’. In this inspiring memoir, Dr. Kurt Newman draws from his long experience as a pediatric surgeon working at one of our nation’s top children’s hospitals to make the case that children are more than miniature adults. Through the story of his own career and of the brave kids he has treated over the years—and their equally brave and tenacious parents—he reveals the revolution that is taking place in pediatric medicine. When he decided to become a pediatric surgeon, the field was in its infancy, struggling for esteem. Now, nearly forty years later, it is at the forefront of exhilarating new discoveries in everything from cancer research to mental health care. But few parents know how to access the best care for their children. Far too many find themselves frustrated and afraid. Dr. Newman wrote this book to help guide parents—not just of sick kids but of all kids —and to share his knowledge of what children need to thrive. A deeply human story with a spectacular cast of young heroes and heroines, Healing Children will convince you that we still have a lot to learn from our kids.

Healing Children's Grief

Healing Children's Grief

Author: Grace Hyslop Christ

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198026563

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

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In this unique book, Grace Christ relates the powerfully moving stories of eighty-eight families and their 157 children (ages 3 to 17) who participated in a parent-guidance intervention through the terminal illness and death of one of the parents from cancer. Using extensive case examples throughout, Healing Children's Grief: Surviving a Parent's Death from Cancer provides a detailed examination of how children and adolescents cope with this loss. Covering a critical 20 month period, from 6 months before to 14 months after the death of a parent, Christ reports that a majority of the children successfully adapted to the loss during the subsequent months after the death. The book is divided into two major sections. The first summarizes the theoretical background and methodology. The second presents the findings of the five developmentally derived age groups (3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17). Using qualitative analytic methods, these findings clarify important differences in children's grief and mourning processes, in their understanding of events, in their interactions with families, and in their varying needs for help and support. The author describes how parents participated in healing their children's grief by: preparing, informing, and guiding children through the experience; understanding their developmental needs; supporting and resonating with their unique expressions of grief; helping them construct a positive legacy; and reconstituting relationships without the day to day presence of the parent who died. Healing Children's Grief: Surviving a Parent's Death from Cancer provides practical guidance and direction for professionals and physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, guidance counselors, and teachers.

Guided Imagery for Healing Children

Guided Imagery for Healing Children

Author: Ellen Curran

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451650235

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 192

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Their own naturally rich imaginations are one of the best resources for healing children or helping them through difficult times. Guided Imagery for Healing Children and Teens shows parents, caregivers, and wellness practitioners how to tap into this powerful source of healing to help children overcome the pain and discomfort of anything from a minor fever to cancer. This easy-to-use manual includes an explanation of mind-body medicine and imagery, real-life case studies from the author's experience, and many rich, scripted imageries for both the younger child and teenager. Equipped with these valuable tools, children can connect with their self-healing abilities, strengthen their self-esteem, and enjoy their own imaginations!

Emdr for the Next Generation-Healing Children and Families 2nd Ed

Emdr for the Next Generation-Healing Children and Families 2nd Ed

Author: Joanne Morris-Smith

Publisher: Academic Conferences and publishing limited

ISBN: 9781910309209

Category: Psychology

Page: 262

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This book is about developing an integrative model of doing EMDR psychotherapy in a multi-faceted way in order to get close to children's reality and to help them and their families heal. It explains how emphasis has to be placed on several fundamental elements including attachment issues, family dynamics, developmental psychology, neurobiology and psycho-traumatology meet and are enlightening. The authors point out the necessity of trusting the process; believing in resources outside of them; developing attuned relationships with the children and their families; looking at life through the glass half full. Bob Tinker has endorsed the book and said that ..".I am ... impressed with the way these two clinicians interweave knowledge of research, developmental psychology, family therapy, neuroscience, and clinical cases into a tapestry of understanding that illuminates the field of EMDR therapy..."

Helping Hurting Children: a Journey of Healing

Helping Hurting Children: a Journey of Healing

Author: Martha Faircloth Bush

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449785277

Category: Religion

Page: 177

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Losses are a normal part of life, even in the lives of children. To help children learn how to cope with those losses, travel with Martha and Bubby the Rabbit as they take children on a journey of healing. They make stops at: • What Does Loss Mean • Facts About Losses • What Does Grieve Mean • Recognizing Feelings • Expressing Feelings • Forgiving Others • Asking Others to Forgive You • Accepting Losses Martha and Bubby are joined by their friends, Zach, Hadley, Hannah, Crystal, and Heather. The gang shares their stories of the death of a loved one, being bullied, making a move, the loss of a pet, and divorce. Martha, Bubby, and the kids traveling with them want to remind other boys and girls that you can continue to be happy after a loss. “I am pleased to recommend this resource as an easy-to-use guide for those parents, grandparents, children’s church leaders, or others who desire to help, but who may have felt powerless or unsure as to how to do so.” —Virginia G. Johnson, licensed professional counselor

Healing Our Children

Healing Our Children

Author: Ramiel Nagel

Publisher: Rami Nagel

ISBN: 9780982021316

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 401

View: 372

Nagel reveals the actual cause of the following diseases: Birth Defects, Sudden Infant Death, Autism, Infertility, Colic, Tooth Decay, Miscarriage, Infant Mortality, Morning sickness, Premature Birth, Scoliosis, Postpartum Depression, and Mental Disabilities. The true cause is our toxic foods, our toxic medicines, our toxic environment, and our toxic world. In knowing this and learning to make wise choices, you become empowered to prevent these conditions.

Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs

Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs

Author: Bob Woodward

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1846426200

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 402

'Bob Woodward, a respected member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and a senior co-worker at the Sheiling School, a Camphill Centre, draws on the practice both as a healer and curative educator in order to share key concepts of both areas of experience with the reader. Examples of individual healing sessions with children with a variety of special needs demonstrate the part that spiritual healing can play in calming emotional disturbance, and helping to restore harmony to body, soul and spirit: a marked improvement in the ability to relate to both peers and adults was noticed by carers and teacher.' - The Christian Parapsychologist Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs gives a fascinating account of individual healing sessions with children with complex special needs and moderate to severe learning difficulties. Drawing on his experience as a qualified spiritual healer and senior co-worker at The Sheiling School, a Camphill Centre, Bob Woodward shows how spiritual healing can help children with special needs to achieve peace and relaxation. From his perspective as both spiritual healer and curative educator, the author introduces the key concepts of both subject areas to the reader and explains how the two disciplines can be combined and applied, providing case examples of healing sessions with children with a range of special needs, including autism, epilepsy and emotional and behavioural difficulties. The author demonstrates the benefits of spiritual healing for these children as a natural, non-invasive, holistic approach that restores balance and harmony to body, soul and spirit. This unique book will be of interest to parents and professionals involved with special needs children, as well as practitioners of and those interested in spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing for Children in Foster Care

Spiritual Healing for Children in Foster Care

Author: Ruby Judah

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449742584

Category: Self-Help

Page: 48

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This childrens book is a motivational and spiritual book for children and teenagers. It was written to help inspire and heal the children that come from the dysfunctional juvenile dependency court and family court systems in the United States of America. This system hurts both dysfunctional families and non-dysfunctional families. While there is real child abuse going on within families, there are also families that are falsely accused of breaking child abuse laws. It is no wonder state and federal judges have stated, our youth is out of control in this country, and it is chilling. If our society does not do something to help these children and families, we will lose the battle with our children. Spiritual Healing for Children in Foster Care seeks to help those children that are feeling lost, alone, isolated, abandoned, and frightened. They may be feeling different from other children when they are not, or feeling suicidal because they feel like nobody cares about them. Author Ruby Judah wants these children to know that they are loved and cared about. This book was also written to help children heal from their past hurts, to help them feel loved, and to give them inspiration, motivation, and a healthy outlook on life. They dont have to live in darkness; they can live with the light shining in their lives. They can be the light of the world and shine brightly like stars.

Healing Is God's Children's Bread

Healing Is God's Children's Bread

Author: Mark Graham

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490881096

Category: Religion

Page: 50

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Healing is not something of the past; healing is available for you today. Jesus suffered, bled, died, and rose from the dead so that you could walk in divine health and minister His healing virtue to those who are sick and afflicted. It is just as real and readily available today as the day Isaiah declared it, and then Peter echoed it: By His stripes you are healed. Healing is Gods childrens bread.

Healing Is Child's Play

Healing Is Child's Play

Author: Aurora Carlson

Publisher: Aurora Carlson

ISBN: 9789198733211

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 382

View: 658

Healing Is Child’s Play turns a painful worldview upside down and gives you back your power of conscious creation. You will no longer be helpless before small or big challenges when you understand yourself deeply and learn to reconnect to your Innocent Mind. Prepare to become a force for good, a healer in everyone’s life, easily dealing with any kind of suffering, individual or collective. This book is a manual for anyone ready to manifest a harmonious life for themselves and the planet. It brings clarity on the true causes of suffering and offers practical tools to heal any problem related to health, relationships, work and career, finances, and more - for yourself and anyone you choose to help. But you will go even further! As an Innocent Mind healer, you will be able to heal animals and the ecosystem, restore harmony in troubled regions and even balance the climate. The best part is that you will discover that healing is easy and fun. By regaining your innocence, you will be free to play, enjoy and allow your authentic desires to shine, manifesting a fulfilling life and a more beautiful world than you thought possible.

Healing a Child's Heart After Divorce

Healing a Child's Heart After Divorce

Author: Alan D. Wolfelt

Publisher: Companion Press

ISBN: 9781617221439

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 128

View: 834

Addressing the significant loss that divorce represents for children, this caregiving companion makes it possible for adults to guide them through the natural grief that accompanies the experience. Contending that children can continue to thrive if they are shown the way, this sensitive guide provides 100 practical suggestions for supporting them. Aimed at assisting a wide range of adults, the methods presented are ideal not just for parents but for grandparents, teachers, day care workers, counselors, and even coaches who care for and about kids. Enabling grownups with down-to-earth tips, this handbook is essential for helping sons and daughters navigate the inevitable array of confusing thoughts and feelings.