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God's Bottom Line

God's Bottom Line

Author: Elder Mary Flamer

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452061450

Category: Reference

Page: 122

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After perusing the pages of this book, I dont think there is a better book out with regard to Salvation. This book has much clarity. No one can read the information on these pages and misunderstand why there is a Jesus, what He did, and why He came. All that are unsaved need this book. All those that are saved need to purchase this book for their unsaved love-ones. Elder Flamer tells of what sin is and how it came into this world. After Adam sinned, she makes it clear that All have sinned and come short of the Glory of the Holy God. She tells you what you have to do in order to make it right with God. Jesus has done all it is He was sent in the earth to do. Its now up to sinner man to do his part. This book is also a reminder to the Body of Christ to not become complacent in your salvation. Its easy today to become Churchy. Thank you Elder Flamer for writing this book, for it will change many, many lives. God bless you. Dr. Janie Watkins, Author of ITS TIME TO BE BLESSED

God is My CEO

God is My CEO

Author: Larry Julian

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440565182

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Praise for the First Edition "Many leaders, whether newly indoctrinated to the world of business or veteran executives, will find tools for the trade in this excellent guidebook to living out one's faith in a ruthless 'bottom-line' world." --Publishers Weekly For more than a decade, God Is My CEO has taught readers how to reconcile their work and faith. Now, in this updated edition, you will learn how to integrate God's teachings with your own talents to become the successful leader He intended you to be. This new edition explores the ten most common issues facing businesspeople today and applies God's principles to these dilemmas. You will learn that leading by faith isn't just about feeling good--it's about building employee morale, increasing productivity, and fostering customer loyalty. In addition, the brand-new section Timeless Wisdom from Twenty Leaders provides insight and encouragement from top members of the business world, including Marc Belton of General Mills, Richard Stearns of World Vision U.S., and Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager. God Is My CEO, 2nd Edition will inspire you to become a game-changer in the business world as you continue on your path as a leader.

Broken Tools in God's Hands

Broken Tools in God's Hands

Author: Keith Ellerbrock

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781613795644

Category: Religion

Page: 262

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"I may be forgiven (maybe), but after what I've done, my life is basically over.""I'm damaged goods now. Forgiven? Sure. Able to be used? Maybe for little stuff (maybe), but never again for anything important."Ever thought things like that? Join the club! They're lies, though - lies we often speak to ourselves. Broken Tools In God's Hands was written so you can know God's rescuing grace more deeply and be set free to serve Him with new hope and joy in your heart. Do you think God can't use you when you're broken? Then ponder this: The truth is, God can only use you as He desires when you're broken - when you plainly see your sinfulness, your helplessness, your need for the Savior. That's when Jesus can pour out His blood-bought declaration of "not guilty" into your life, declare you to be His perfect tool, and use you for mighty things.Author Keith Ellerbrock invites you to take a close look at the ugly underbelly of some of the biblical heroes of faith so you can see that they were just as messed up by nature as you are, then take a closer look at God's amazing grace toward them to see that since the blood of Jesus was able to forgive and cleanse these flawed and tainted saints, it's more than able to forgive and cleanse you. Just as God gave them second, third, and however many chances, so He gives those clean do-overs to you. And He will use you. You have His Word on it!St. Louis native Keith Ellerbrock has been a pastor in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod for 25 years. He currently serves Trinity Lutheran Church in Bridgeton, Missouri. He's the undeservedly blessed husband of Dawn and father of Erin, Adam, and Daniel.

Friendship with God (eBook)

Friendship with God (eBook)

Author: Trevor Hudson

Publisher: Struik Christian Media

ISBN: 9781415331552

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Are you open to re-imagining your relationship with God as a friendship? Do you want to be transformed into the person God wants you to be? Friendship with God transforms us. As we learn to trust God as our Divine Friend, it has a transforming effect on our whole lives. It affects how we pray, our relationships with each other and the way we understand our everyday lives. It changes the way we think and feel, what we desire and long for, the way we see each other and how we seek to live our lives in the world. We could say our friendship with God creates the climate in which you and I become the people God wants us to be. In his latest book, Friendship with God, Trevor Hudson digs into these two interwoven themes of friendship and personal transformation. He explains that friendship is a helpful analogy for the intimate kind of relationship God wants with us. Put very simply, the gospel invites you and me into friendship with God. When we become friends with Jesus, we are drawn into God’s greater dream for the world. This indeed is the purpose of our lives on earth. We are created to become friends of God and to partner with God in making his dream a greater reality in the world around us. Topics that are addressed include: Living Beyond Loneliness God’s Passionate Longing for Friendship Getting to Know Our Friend Understanding Prayer as Deepening Friendship Looking Outward Together Exploring Our Friend’s Address Book Discerning What Our Friend Wants Us to Do Blessing Others as Our Friend Has Blessed Us Facing Our Fears with Our Friend Asking Our Friend the Hardest Question The creator God who loves us and set the whole universe into existence, and who sustains our lives in the immediacy of each moment, wants our intimate friendship. As you explore this good news you will be encouraged to see your faith and your life in a totally new way.

Missional Moves

Missional Moves

Author: Rob Wegner

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310495062

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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The church was never designed to be a fortress for the righteous, but a flood of revolutionaries, bringing the Good News of the Kingdom to broken lives and broken communities. Today, millions of Christians are awakening to the holism of the gospel call, expanding their understanding of mission beyond just touching individual lives to impacting and transforming entire communities with the message of God’s grace. If this calling toward movement and transformation is to be realized, it will require some earth-shaking shifts—“Missional Moves”—that fundamentally alter our understanding of the church and how its mission is lived out. This book provides a plan of action for your church that will empower you to unleash each member on a mission, both locally and globally.

365 Days to Knowing God for Guys (eBook)

365 Days to Knowing God for Guys (eBook)

Author: Carolyn Larsen

Publisher: Christian Art Publishers

ISBN: 9781432103781

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 392

View: 420

In this 365-day devotional, children will get to know God better day by day. The devotional specifically targets boys seperately in order to make the content more gender relevant. Guys will learn that by applying simple instructions from the Word, like obedience, praying and sharing, God will become more real to them as they begin to walk in His ways. Each devotion ends with a “ChallengePoint” that requires an action, as well as something to think about all day long. 365 DAYS TO KNOWING GOD FOR GUYS will encourage guys to live for God and to know Him better with each passing day.

The God Book

The God Book

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524573485

Category: Religion

Page: 354

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From angels and the afterlife to suffering and Divine providence, The God Book addresses all things spiritual through classic works of Jewish philosophy. Works summarized include the Rambams Moreh Nevuchim (Guide for the Perplexed), Ramchals Derech Hashem (Way of God), ibn Pakudas Chovos HaLevavos (Duties of the Heart) and Hilchos Deios from the Rambams Mishneh Torah.

The One Year Devotions for Kids #1

The One Year Devotions for Kids #1

Author: Children's Bible Hour

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781414380322

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 645

View: 627

For 10 years, kids have had fun learning about Scripture with The One Year Devotions for Kids series. Now The One Year Devotions for Kids, Volume 1 is available with a great look for a new generation of readers. Each day’s lesson focuses on a key theme from a Bible story. A contemporary story, application questions, a memory verse, and an action phrase combine to reinforce the theme for each day. A great way to help kids connect with God!

God's Autopsy and the Living Truth of Soul

God's Autopsy and the Living Truth of Soul

Author: Hal Childs

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781666737301

Category: Philosophy

Page: 411

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The Grand Narrative of Christianity that the Bible created is dead, and the Bible is silent. Does the Bible have anything relevant to say to our modern circumstances? We ask, where did God come from? What happened to God? God’s Autopsy reinterprets soul and God as historical-psychological phenomena related to the cultural structure of consciousness, the invisible shared context of thought, which has changed dramatically over the past three millennia. This book offers a new way to understand the trajectory of Western civilization by making the implicit foundation of Western consciousness—soul—visible and conscious. Our modern Western consciousness is radically different from that of antiquity when the Bible emerged. Jung’s psychological-philosophical insight that whenever we speak about the psyche it is the psyche speaking about itself, leads to the realization that today consciousness has come home to itself. Beginning with preliterate polytheism, the emergence of the transcendent god Yahweh and Christ, which led directly to the Enlightenment, objective soul continues to unfold itself. How did late modernity become a topsy-turvy, quantum, virtual, digital, impersonal, and abstract world that appears to be running away from us? The answer is unexpectedly and shockingly in the Bible itself.