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Paper and Paperboard Production, Availability, and Imports of India

Paper and Paperboard Production, Availability, and Imports of India

Author: T. Susilendra Sarma

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 8171568629

Category: Paper industry

Page: 316

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Paper Is Essential For National Security. It Is Of Substantial Importance For The Economic Prosperity Of The Country. A Variety Of Paper And Paper Products Are Produced In India. Economic Growth Is Accompanied By The Increasing Need For Paper And Paper Products. It Is More So In The Case Of A Developing Economy Like India, Which Has Been Striving For Rapid Industrialization, Blended With The Objectives Of Liberalization And Globalization. Regarding Paper And Paperboard, Two Facts Appear To Be Special For Indian Economy. Firstly, Per Capita Paper Consumption In India Has Been One Of The Lowest In The World. Secondly, Domestic Production Is Not Sufficient To Meet The Growing Consumption Needs Of The Economy. Though Paper Industry Continues To Progress Under Successive Five Year Plans, Imports Of Paper And Paperboard Continue To Be A Regular Feature Of The Indian Economy, As India Is Not Self- Sufficient In Respect Of Paper And Paperboard, Particularly In Speciality Papers. The Present Book Analyses The Magnitude And Determinants Of Paper And Paper Products Import Of India And Ways And Means To Make The Industry Internationally Competitive.