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Don't Go There!

Don't Go There!

Author: Peter Greenberg

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 9781605299945

Category: Travel

Page: 308

View: 192

Presents a selection of vacation destinations to avoid, with advice to travelers on steering clear of places that are vulnerable to such vacation-ruining elements as crime, natural disasters, and overpriced or overrated venues.

Venus: Don’t Go There

Venus: Don’t Go There

Author: Michael T. Santini

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491746998

Category: Religion

Page: 232

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Where do the unrighteous go after death? What is the plight of the guilty after the Day of Judgment? Are places like heaven, hell, and the lake of fire physical locations in the universe? Biblically based and scientifically reasoned answers to these questions, and more, lead to locating the planet Venus as one possible place for perdition. The book Venus: Don't Go There-What Science and Religion Reveal about Life after Death reviews past and present discoveries and provides future evidence for alliance between the physical sciences and the Bible. God ordained the sciences and religion to work together for the common good and to lead toward a comprehensive understanding of the future. Correlation between the Holy Scriptures and the sciences can work together to provide reasonable and meaningful truths. Through interdisciplinary study, the author deduces the ultimate destiny for unsaved humanity could be within the solar system, while providing a unique perspective to life after death.

War and Peace and Poetry

War and Peace and Poetry

Author: Lonnie D. Ellis

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426948039

Category: Poetry

Page: 56

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"War and Peace and Poetry" was inspired by the everyday lives of American soldiers. Their stories and the lives they live while deployed to Iraq are chronicled in these verses, as well as some of author Lonnie D. Ellis's childhood memories of growing up in the Deep South. Many of the poems in this collection address war and its effects on families. They reflect the emotions of the soldiers, their spouses, and their children, who have to deal with the realities of war. Ellis touches on a facet of life that reflects each individual family member. "Daddy, Don't Go" was inspired by his personal experience with his children and the children of his fellow soldiers as they prepared to deploy from Fort Stewart. It was, by far, the most difficult poem he has written. He wrote the poem "The Journey" after speaking with many of his friends and hearing about the loneliness of their spouses and loved ones. The poem say to them, "I am there with you in spirit always, even if I cannot be with you physically." "War and Peace and Poetry" offers a soldier's perspective on the sacrifices made during war and tells the stories of soldiers and their families with heartfelt emotion.

Dirt Road

Dirt Road

Author: James Kelman

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 9781936787517

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 337

Booker Prize winner James Kelman's new novel, Dirt Road, tells the story of a teenage boy who travels with his father from Scotland to Alabama to visit with relatives after the death of his mother. In the American South, he becomes swept up into the world of zydeco and blues. ""A powerful meditation on loss, life, death, and the bond between father and son. . . . Kelman has created a fully–realized, relatable voice that reveals a young man’s urgent need for connection in a time of grief." —Publishers Weekly (starred review) After his mother’s recent death, sixteen–year–old Murdo and his father travel from their home in rural Scotland to Alabama to be with his émigré uncle and American aunt. Stopping at a small town on their way from the airport, Murdo happens upon a family playing zydeco music and joins them, leaving with a gift of two CDs of Southern American songs. On this first visit to the States, Murdo notices racial tension, religious fundamentalism, the threat of severe weather, guns, and aggressive behavior, all unfamiliar to him. Yet his connection to the place strengthens by way of its musical culture. Murdo may be young but he is already a musician. While at their relatives’ home, the grieving father and son experience kindness and kinship but share few words of comfort with each other, Murdo losing himself in music and his reticent and protective dad in books. The aunt, “the very very best,” Murdo calls her, provides whatever solace he receives, until his father comes around in a scene of great emotional release. As James Wood has written of this brilliant writer’s previous work in The New Yorker, “The pleasure, as always in Kelman, is being allowed to inhabit mental meandering and half–finished thoughts, digressions and wayward jokes, so that we are present” with his characters. Dirt Road is a powerful story about the strength of family ties, the consolation of music, and one unforgettable journey from darkness to light.

Make me German! Zweisprachiges Wendebuch Deutsch/ Englisch

Make me German! Zweisprachiges Wendebuch Deutsch/ Englisch

Author: Adam Fletcher

Publisher: Ullstein Ebooks

ISBN: 9783843709743

Category: Humor

Page: 400

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Schunkeln is awesome! Adam Fletcher hat sich ausgiebig mit den Marotten und Skurrilitäten der Deutschen beschäftigt. Doch jetzt ist es an der Zeit, endlich den letzten Schritt zu gehen und ein richtiger Deutscher zu werden. Also zieht der Brite die Hausschuhe aus und erkundet Good Old Germany via Mitfahrgelegenheit und Deutscher Bahn – und besteht unterwegs ein paar Prüfungen: Fletcher nimmt an Schützenfesten teil, reist ins 17. Bundesland Mallorca und stürzt sich in die Abgründe des deutschen Schlagers. Liebevoll und mit viel britischem Humor erzählt er von seinen teutonischen Abenteuern, und warum er dieses Land und seine Bewohner so in sein Herz geschlossen hat. Schunkeln is awesome! After two best-selling books exploring the quirks of German culture, British author Adam Fletcher finds he's become a pundit for German life. Unsure about his position, and with severe doubts about his own expertise, he decides to take on a series of hilarious integration challenges. Follow him as he traverses the country by Mitfahrgelegenheit and Deutsche Bahn, creates a Schlager song, marches in a Schützenfest, completes a Goverment Integrationskurs, takes a package holiday to the 17th Federal State of Mallorca and much more. Lovingly written, with a lot of British humor and avoiding the usual national clichés, he recounts his adventures of trying to become German. On the way, he reaffirms why this country and its inhabitants have such a special place in his heart.

Yours for the Union

Yours for the Union

Author: John Webster Chase

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 0823223035

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

View: 137

A revealing collection of letters that takes us inside the life and mind of a Civil War soldier. John W. Chase's well written letters portray a man who is trying to provide for his children, maintain his finances, obtain food and clothing to supplement his meager rations, all while marching in the mud and fighting a war.