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Discovering Creativity

Discovering Creativity

Author: Stanley S. Gryskiewicz

Publisher: Center for Creative Leadership

ISBN: 0912879734

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 250

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The conference proceedings contain the following papers: "Hard Organizational Development" (Anthony); "Positive Impact of Humor in the Workplace or TQM (Total Quality Mirth) in Organizations" (Collier); "Introducing the Integrated Programme for the Creative Training of Leaders" (Diaz-Carrera); "Vision of Quality versus the Quality Vision" (Green); "Flying High" (Musselwhite); "COMM=Unity" (Rose); "Seven Levels of Change Model" (Smith); "Creative Community Development" (Chwedorowicz); "Managing Diversity in Communication and Problem Solving with Effective Levels of Abstraction" (Murdock); "Entrepreneurs" (Rosenfeld et al.); "Learnings from Selection" (Tassoul); "Fire This Time" (Barnes); "Creating Breakthroughs in Organizations" (Collier); "Process Explorations with Cyberquest" (Dickey, DiDomizio); "Hypermedia System for Discovery and Innovation Support" (Dickey et al.); "Teaching Creativity by Distance Learning Methods" (Jones); "Change as a Creative Catalyst" (Miguez); "Learning to Create Shared Vision" (Musselwhite, De Ciantis); "'What I Tell Two Times Is True'" (Cimino); "Touchstone" (De Ciantis); "Art and Discipline of Debriefing" (Lunken); "Leadership Development Theory and a Model for Intervention in the Development of Leaders" (Palus, Drath); "Risk-taking and Innovation Performance" (Prather); "Work Environment Differences between High Creativity and Low Creativity Projects" (Amabile et al.); "Discovering the Unseen Leader" (Burkhart, Horth); "Introducing a Creativity Improvement Program for the Federal Express I.S. Organization" (Couger et al.);"Creativity in Project Work" (Ekvall); "MBTI [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator] and KAI [Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory] Bias on Creativity Courses" (Henry); "Inquiry into Cross-cultural Creativity Training" (Isaksen, Dorval); "Dynamic Nature of Creative Problem Solving" (Isaksen et al.); "Profiling Creativity" (Isaksen, Puccio); "New Insights into Different Styles of Creativity" (Jones); "Managing Creative People at Work" (McWhinney); "World of Ideas" (Morgan); "Bridging Theory and Practice" (Murdock et al.); "Critical Thinking" (Novelli, Taylor); "Creating Together" (Possne); "Relationship between the KAI and the MBTI Creativity Index" (Taylor); "Creativity East and West" (Wonder); "Creativity Research at the Delft Institute of Technology" (Buijs, Nauta); "On Becoming a Facilitator" (Buijs, Nauta); "Innovation in the U.S. Military" (Clauson); "Creating an Innovation Course in a Large Corporation" (Jimenez); "Promoting Targeted Innovation in Japan through R&D [Research and Development] Division Liaison between Different Industries" (Kurebayashi); "Developing Creativity in Japanese Companies" (Nakazono); and "Innovative and Creative Change" (Tanner). (KC)

Exploring Creativity

Exploring Creativity

Author: Dr. Ella Karia

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781663213563

Category: Education

Page: 176

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Creativity involves the invention and the assimilation of new thinking and its integration with existing knowledge. The creative process will sometimes take one through the complete cycle, beginning with a contextual challenge or inspiration and resulting in a final product to be evaluated and reflected upon. At other times, the process may only be followed through to the exploration and experimentation phase. Exploring Creativity reaches out to students, educators, and parents to understand the windows of opportunity in brain development. Nurturing pathways for finding your purpose and identity provides a landscape for self-discovery. Engaging in a creative mindset can develop whole brain thinking. This guide will get individuals started on a transformative journey to becoming their most empowered self.

Exploring Creativity

Exploring Creativity

Author: Brian Moeran

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107355521

Category: Business & Economics


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Under the guidance of Moeran and Christensen, the authors in this volume examine evaluative practices in the creative industries by exploring the processes surrounding the conception, design, manufacture, appraisal and use of creative goods. They describe the editorial choices made by different participants in a 'creative world', as they go about conceiving, composing or designing, performing or making, selling and assessing a range of cultural products. The study draws upon ethnographically rich case studies from companies as varied as Bang and Olufsen, Hugo Boss and Lonely Planet, in order to reveal the broad range of factors guiding and inhibiting creative processes. Some of these constraints are material and technical; others are social or defined by aesthetic norms. The authors explore how these various constraints affect creative work, and how ultimately they contribute to the development of creativity.

Understanding Creativity

Understanding Creativity

Author: John S. Dacey

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: UOM:39015043814022

Category: Psychology

Page: 332

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In Understanding Creativity, authors John S. Dacey and Kathleen H. Lennon offer a thorough examination of the three factors - biological, psychological, and social - that contribute to the creative process. In clear and lively language, this book explores a breadth of topics on creativity including: how creative people operate as successful and imaginative problem solvers, the essential role self-control plays in realizing creative potential, and the most current discoveries about how the brain works on the neuronal and chemical levels. Most important, the book presents an innovative model that integrates the biological, psychological, and social elements and reflects the most significant advances in current creativity research.

Transformation Thinking

Transformation Thinking

Author: Joyce Wycoff

Publisher: Berkley Trade

ISBN: 0425143740

Category: Creative ability

Page: 249

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"A must-have for managers, teachers, trainers, consultants, and anyone who wants to grow creatively...Every page contains something new and thought-provoking."-Arthur Van Gundy, Univ. of Oklahoma.

Discovering Literature

Discovering Literature

Author: Hans Paul Guth


ISBN: UOM:39015063156593

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1278

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This anthology of stories, poems, and plays enables readers to discover their rich and diverse literary heritage and the power of literature to illuminate and enhance their lives. Integrates the classics with the best current writing, drawing timeless connections between subjects, emotions, and ideas in literary works throughout the ages. Juxtaposes similar works by authors of differing time, culture, and gender. Elicits reader response to classic and contemporary literary selections, engaging them as active participants in reading-and writing-about literature. Focuses on the relevance of criticism to the reader's response to literature. Provides writing guidelines, workshops, and model papers that serve as effective examples of how to work through the writing process. For readers who want to sharpen their critical thinking skills in order to read and write with keen perception about selections from both mainstream and culturally diverse authors.

Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence

Author: Bruce Nussbaum

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062088437

Category: Psychology

Page: 368

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Offering insights from the spheres of anthropology, psychology, education, design, and business, Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum, a leading thinker, commentator, and curator on the subjects of design, creativity, and innovation, is first book to identify and explore creative intelligence as a new form of cultural literacy and as a powerful method for problem-solving, driving innovation, and sparking start-up capitalism. Nussbaum investigates the ways in which individuals, corporations, and nations are boosting their creative intelligence — CQ—and how that translates into their abilities to make new products and solve new problems. Ultimately, Creative Intelligence shows how to frame problems in new ways and devise solutions that are original and highly social. Smart and eye opening, Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire illustrates how to connect our creative output with a new type of economic system, Indie Capitalism, where creativity is the source of value, where entrepreneurs drive growth, and where social networks are the building blocks of the economy.

It's Never Too Late to Begin Again

It's Never Too Late to Begin Again

Author: Julia Cameron

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9780399174216

Category: Self-Help

Page: 0

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“The book you hold in your hands is the distillate of a quarter century’s teaching. It is my attempt to answer, ‘What next?’ for students who are embarking on their ‘second act.’” —Julia Cameron Julia Cameron has inspired millions with her bestseller on creativity, The Artist’s Way. In It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again, she turns her eye to a segment of the population that, ironically, while they have more time to be creative, are often reluctant or intimidated by the creative process. Cameron shows readers that retirement can, in fact, be the most rich, fulfilling, and creative time of their lives. When someone retires, the newfound freedom can be quite exciting, but also daunting. The life that someone had has changed, and the life to come is yet to be defined. In this book, Cameron shows readers how cultivating their creative selves can help them navigate this new terrain. She tells the inspiring stories of retirees who discovered new artistic pursuits and passions that more than filled their days—they nurtured their souls. This twelve-week course aimed at defining—and creating—the life you want to have as you redefine and re-create yourself, this book includes simple tools that will guide and inspire you to make the most of this time in your life: - Memoir writing offers an opportunity to reflect on and honor past experience. This book guides you through the daunting task of writing an entire memoir, breaking it down into manageable pieces. - Morning Pages—private, stream-of-consciousness writing done daily—allow you to express wishes, fears, delights, resentments, and joys, which in turn, provide focus and clarity for the day at hand. - Artist Dates encourage fun and spontaneity. - Solo Walks quell anxiety and clear the mind. This fun, gentle, step-by-step process will help you explore your creative dreams, wishes, and desires...and help you quickly find that it’s never too late to begin again.