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Routledge Revivals: School Design (1994)

Routledge Revivals: School Design (1994)

Author: Henry Sanoff

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351662420

Category: Architecture

Page: 222

View: 398

Educators often overlook the positive impact of changing the environment of the school itself when considering how to improve the quality of education. First published in 1994, School Design shows how to create more effective schools through a design process that involves teachers, students, parents, administrators, and architects. It reveals how to create school environments that develop the whole child, instil enthusiasm for learning, and encourage positive social relationships. Readers discover how to integrate design research, design participation, and design development to optimize school settings. Using a number of case studies, detailed practical methods show how to: Link behavioural objectives to spatial needs Achieve spatial efficacy without compromising education Match children’s developmental needs to facility requirements Promote greater variety in physical facilities to accommodate various teaching and learning styles Gain more valuable feedback from teachers, parents, students, and local citizens on building performance. In response to tight school budgets, Henry Sanoff discusses how relatively minor design modifications can have a major positive effect on school performance. This path-breaking volume will provide architects, teachers, and school administrators with a wide array of insights into creating spaces that promote better learning.

Legendary Locals of Decatur

Legendary Locals of Decatur

Author: Huey Freeman

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439648469

Category: Photography

Page: 128

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A working-class city of 75,000 people on the banks of the Sangamon River and its largest lake, Decatur has a reputation for outstanding individuals with a strong community spirit and an unashamed sense of patriotism. To borrow a phrase from Adm. Chester Nimitz, in Decatur, uncommon dedication is a common virtue. Harold Miller fought at Iwo Jima with a Marine tank battalion, before serving 32 years on the Decatur Police Department. Wayne and Leslie Kent, ministers at First Christian Church, risked their freedom to bring music and encouragement to oppressed believers in the Soviet Union and Poland. George Halas, a Navy veteran, was player-coach for the Decatur Staleys football team (later the Chicago Bears), a charter franchise in the professional association that would become the NFL. Bob Fallstrom, a World War II soldier before working as a newspaper reporter and editor in Decatur for more than 65 years, has promoted numerous community causes. Legendary Locals of Decatur pays tribute to those who have made this community truly unique.

Tinkering toward Utopia

Tinkering toward Utopia

Author: David B. TYACK

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674044524

Category: Education

Page: 192

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For over a century, Americans have translated their cultural anxieties and hopes into dramatic demands for educational reform. Although policy talk has sounded a millennial tone, the actual reforms have been gradual and incremental. Tinkering toward Utopia documents the dynamic tension between Americans' faith in education as a panacea and the moderate pace of change in educational practices. In this book, David Tyack and Larry Cuban explore some basic questions about the nature of educational reform. Why have Americans come to believe that schooling has regressed? Have educational reforms occurred in cycles, and if so, why? Why has it been so difficult to change the basic institutional patterns of schooling? What actually happened when reformers tried to reinvent schooling? Tyack and Cuban argue that the ahistorical nature of most current reform proposals magnifies defects and understates the difficulty of changing the system. Policy talk has alternated between lamentation and overconfidence. The authors suggest that reformers today need to focus on ways to help teachers improve instruction from the inside out instead of decreeing change by remote control, and that reformers must also keep in mind the democratic purposes that guide public education.

Sweet Charlie, Dike, Cazzie, and Bobby Joe

Sweet Charlie, Dike, Cazzie, and Bobby Joe

Author: Taylor H. A. Bell

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252090486

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 296

View: 378

In urban and rural high schools throughout Illinois, basketball is a Friday night ritual. Local games are often the biggest thing happening all week, and the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and state tournaments attract fanatical fans by the thousands. Far from the jaded professionals, the stories in Taylor Bell's Sweet Charlie, Dike, Cazzie, and Bobby Joe are of hungry young men playing their hearts out, where high-tops and high hopes inspire "hoop dreams" from Peoria to Pinckneyville, and Champaign to Chicago. Bell, a life-long fan and authority on high school basketball in Illinois, brings together for the first time the stories of the great players, teams, and coaches from the 1940s through the 1990s. The book is titled for four players who reflect the unique quality of high school basketball, and whose first names are enough to trigger memories in fans who love the sport -- Sweet Charlie Brown, Dike Eddleman, Cazzie Russell, and Bobby Joe Mason. Bell offers exciting accounts of their exploits, told with a journalistic flair. Beyond a lifetime spent covering the sport, Bell's research includes three hundred and fifty personal interviews with coaches, administrators, family members, and fans. He has attended the Elite Eight finals of every boys' state basketball tournament since 1958, and met and written about many of the most outstanding teams, coaches, and players who helped to make Illinois one of the most exciting arenas for high school basketball in the United States. Sixty photographs add depth to the accounts. By a fan, for the fans, Sweet Charlie, Dike, Cazzie, and Bobby Joe is the authoritative book on high school basketball in Illinois, and will elate anyone who has thrilled to the poignant highs and shattering lows of high school sports.