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Einsteins Berlin

Einsteins Berlin

Author: Dieter Hoffmann

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527405968

Category: Science

Page: 236

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*Weitere Angaben Verfasser: Dieter Hoffmann studierte von 1967 bis 1972 Physik an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; dort promovierte (1976) und habilitierte er (1989) auf dem Gebiet der Wissenschaftsgeschichte. Von 1976 bis 1991 führte er wissenschaftshistorische Forschungstätigkeiten an der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR aus und war danach u.a. Stipendiat der Humboldt-Stiftung. Seit 1995 ist er Mitarbeiter des Max-Planck-Instituts für Wissenschaftsgeschichte in Berlin und zugleich als außerplanmäßiger Professor der Humboldt-Universität tätig. Professor Hoffmann hat zahlreiche Publikationen zur Physik- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts veröffentlicht, die ihn als profunden Kenner von Leben und Werk Albert Einsteins ausweisen.



Author: Miriam Wiesel

Publisher: Cantz Editions

ISBN: UOM:39015048773421

Category: Architecture, Modern

Page: 404

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"This publication, produced to accompany Berlin/Berlin, is quite simply a guidebook to the city ... the book begins to map the psycho-geography of Berlin today. Arranged alphabetically ... the book ... is a collection of fragments ... includes essays on the social, political, and economic aspects of present-day Berlin, all filtered through analyses of the city's cultural offerings ... along with numerous observations ... about the city provided by guest authors ... seven artists ... [created] ... inserts for the book which would 'document' their experience of the city"--Supp., P. 3

Internationaler Schleiermacher-Kongress, Berlin, 1984

Internationaler Schleiermacher-Kongress, Berlin, 1984

Author: Kurt-Victor Selge

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110100185

Category: Philosophy

Page: 704

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Das Schleiermacher-Archiv ist primär ein begleitendes Publikationsorgan für die seit 1980 erscheinende Gesamtausgabe der Werke Friedrich Schleiermachers (KGA), welches Materialien und Untersuchungen veröffentlicht, die in engerer Beziehung zur KGA stehen. In Sammelbänden werden zudem Beiträge dokumentiert, die auf internationalen Schleiermacher-Kongressen vorgetragen worden oder in diesem Zusammenhang entstanden sind.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

Author: Hans-Hermann Hertle

Publisher: Ch. Links Verlag

ISBN: 3861534630

Category: Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany, 1961-1989

Page: 188

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Over 200 previously unpublished photographs document the building and development of the many check points, barbed wire barriers, and alarmed fences which formed the concrete wall around Berlin. This book tells dramatic tales of spectacular escapes and terrible deaths, and explains the history making events surrounding the building and fall of the Wall. Contemporary photographs are contrasted with photographs from the eighties to offer surprising insights into how the former death strip has changed since 1990. Relics of the wall in the current cityscape are prominently illustrated, including remnants of the Wall itself, expanded metal lattice fences, observation towers, barbed wire and concrete posts. Also included are statistics showing the numbers of refugees and victims of the Wall, a guide to the museums and memorials and a summary of the literature and cinema treatment of the Wall, along with a brief chronicle of its history.

Berlin Center Ohio

Berlin Center Ohio

Author: Berlin Center Historical Society

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738507091

Category: History

Page: 132

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So named as a tribute to the first settlers' native Germany, Berlin Center carries forward a long-held tradition of Ohio farming and artisanship. From its origins as a wooded river region occupied by American Indians, to its eventual development as an agricultural and milling area, Berlin Center has always preserved a commitment to rural living and civic pride. Situated at the crossroads of State Routes 224 and 534, Berlin Center owes a great debt to advances in the rail and river industries. This eclectic community played host to Presidents Garfield and McKinley, and suffered devastation by both flood and fire. Through it all, fortitude carried the town forward to the residential and recreational center it is today. A five-member committee of the Berlin Center Historical Society, whose families have called the area home for several generations, offer an authentic glimpse of the region as it has evolved over the course of a century. Join the authors for an intimate portrait of the area's development, from the milling industry that formed the foundation of the township, to the 1938 Flood Control Act that re-routed the flow of the Mahoning River, to the schoolchildren who shaped the community as they grew to adulthood.



Author: Karl Scheffler

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 9783518768242

Category: History

Page: 159

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“Berlin is damned forever to become, and never to be.” Scheffler could not have anticipated that his dictum would prove prophetic. No other author has captured the city’s fascinating and unique character as perfectly. From the golden twenties to the anarchic nineties and its status of world capital of hipsterdom at the beginning of the new millennium – the formerly divided city has become the symbol of a new urbanity, blessed with the privilege of never having to be, but forever to become. Unlike London or Paris, the metropolis on the Spree lacked an organic principle of development. Berlin was nothing more than a colonial city, its sole purpose to conquer the East, its inhabitants a hodgepodge of materialistic individualists. No art or culture with which it might compete with the great cities of the world. Nothing but provincialism and culinary aberrations far and wide. Berlin: “City of preserves, tinned vegetables and all-purpose dipping sauce.”