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Api’s Berlin Diaries

Api’s Berlin Diaries

Author: Gabrielle Robinson

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 9781647420048

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 358

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“This is not a book I will forget any time soon.” ―Story Circle Book Reviews Moving and provocative, Api’s Berlin Diaries offers a personal perspective on the fall of Berlin 1945 and the far-reaching aftershocks of the Third Reich. After her mother’s death, Robinson was thrilled to find her beloved grandfather’s war diaries—only to discover that he had been a Nazi. The award-winning memoir shows Api, a doctor in Berlin, desperately trying to help the wounded in cellars without water or light. He himself was reduced to anxiety and despair, the daily diary his main refuge. As Robinson retraces Api’s steps half a century later, she tries to come up with answers to why he joined the Nazi party while also remembering the happiest years of her childhood with him. For readers of today this moving memoir provides a timely reminder that we all need to reckon with our countries’ pasts. “This is a must read for anyone interested in the German experience during WWII..” —Ariana Neumann, author of When Time Stopped

What They Didn't Burn

What They Didn't Burn

Author: Mel Laytner

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 9781684631049

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 309

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What if you uncovered a Nazi paper trail that revealed your father to be a man very different from the quiet, introspective dad you knew . . . or thought you knew? Growing up, author Mel Laytner saw his father as a quintessential Type B: passive and conventional. As he uncovered documents the Nazis didn’t burn, however, another man emerged—a black market ringleader and wily camp survivor who made his own luck. The tattered papers also shed light on painful secrets his father took to his grave. Melding the intimacy of personal memoir with the rigors of investigative journalism, What They Didn’t Burn is a heartwarming, inspiring story of resilience and redemption. A story of how desperate survivors turned hopeful refugees rebuilt their shattered lives in America, all the while struggling with the lingering trauma that has impacted their children to this day.

The Road to Sarajevo

The Road to Sarajevo

Author: Vladimir Dedijer

Publisher: New York, Simon

ISBN: UCAL:B3781605

Category: Austria

Page: 566

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Full story of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip on June 28, 1914, an act that exploded Europe into World War I.

Writing the Digital History of Nazi Germany

Writing the Digital History of Nazi Germany

Author: Julia Timpe

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110714692

Category: History

Page: 236

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How do scholarship and practices of remembrance regarding Nazi Germany benefit from digital tools and approaches? What challenges arise from "doing history digitally" in this field – and how should they best be dealt with? The eight chapters of this book explore these and related questions. They discuss the digital initiatives of various archives and source databases, highlight findings of research undertaken with digital tools, and examine how such tools can be used to present history in education, exhibitions and memorials. All contributions focus on recent or, in some cases, ongoing digital projects related to the history of National Socialism, World War II, and the Holocaust.







Page: 74

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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

Web Information Systems and Technologies

Web Information Systems and Technologies

Author: José Cordeiro

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642366086

Category: Computers

Page: 383

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This book contains the thoroughly refereed and revised best papers from the 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, WEBIST 2012, held in Porto, Portugal, in April 2012, and organized by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC), in collaboration with ACM SIGMIS. The 23 papers presented in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 184 submissions. The papers were selected from those with the best reviews also taking into account the quality of their presentation at the conference. The papers are grouped into parts on Internet Technology; Web Interfaces and Applications; Society, e-Business, and e-Government; Web Intelligence; and Mobile Information Systems.