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The Adventure of Self-Discovery

The Adventure of Self-Discovery

Author: Stanislav Grof

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0887065414

Category: Psychology

Page: 321

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Here Grof presents a useful model of the psyche—a model extended by his thirty years of studying non-ordinary states of consciousness. It is useful for understanding such phenomena as shamanism, mysticism, psychedelic states, spontaneous visionary experiences, and psychotic episodes. The model is also useful in explaining the dynamics of experiential psychotherapies and a variety of sociopolitical manifestations such as war and revolution. This book might have been entitled Beyond Drugs. The second part describes the principles and process of the non-pharmacological technique developed by the author and his wife, Christina, for self-exploration and for psychotherapy. Grof explores in detail the components of this technique. He describes its method, its effective mechanisms, as well as its goals and potential. Its practice is simple, since it utilizes the natural healing capacity of the psyche.

An Adventure in Self Discovery

An Adventure in Self Discovery

Author: Judith Campanaro


ISBN: 1480232564


Page: 76

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A powerful tool for self exploration, this book is filled with exercises and insights that lead you on your adventure of self discovery. Knowing self is one of the keys to maintaining self-esteem and confidence, and living a powerful and meaningful life. "There is no more important journey than the one of self discovery. In her book An Adventure in Self Discovery, Judith gently yet powerfully leads you along the path."CJ Arnaudo, Life Energy Coach, Brier, WA"An Adventure in Self Discovery is an amazing guide in learning to respond to the world around you. Judith's words of wisdom brought me a closer connection to my authentic self and now as the journey continues there is a deeper song in my heart."Nedra GaskillVocalist, Voice Educator, Gaskill StudiosMill Creek, Washington

Ayahuasca Awakening A Guide to Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery and Self-Care

Ayahuasca Awakening A Guide to Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery and Self-Care

Author: Jessica Rochester D.Div.

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781039115262

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 270

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Journeying into the depths of Brazil's Amazon rainforest, distilling meaning from dreams, and drawing deeply from transpersonal studies, ritual entheogen use, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and scientific research are the foundations for Ayahuasca Awakening: A Guide to Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery and Self-Care. In this two-part guidebook for personal and spiritual development, Reverend Jessica Rochester, D.Div draws from her life experiences as well as the expertise of a wide variety of transpersonal and scientific professionals. Volume One: Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery explores the mystery of incarnation, the "maps" of the self, emerging paradigms of consciousness, the role of the Light and shadow in spiritual development, cycles of change, mediumship, the power of the will and restoring authenticity.

Self Discovery

Self Discovery

Author: Theophilus J. Maiganga

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434967251

Category: Self-Help

Page: 126

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Success is the meeting point of the invisible and the visible. Success is doing the right time, at the right time, and at the right place. In a classic style, Theophilus J. Maiganga states laws, rules and principles that govern every successful destiny.¿ Learn how to be a success magnet. Discover the invisible and the visible keys of success.¿ Life is an adventure. Discover your gifts, know your ability, and explore your full potential to realize your dream.¿ Learn how to rise above the storms of life like an Eagle Bird.¿ Know what makes a success succeed and a failure fails.The Eagle Bird has served as an emblem right from primitive man to modern times. The Eagle Bird emblem far transcends national symbols. It has thirty-two distinctive characters it shares with divinity. These characters make a success.The Eagle Bird has diverse perspective to religions, political ideologies, and societal belief. Maiganga has captured a worldview of the Eagle Bird. He has indispensable facts that the Eagle Bird gives a true picture of divinity.The Eagle Bird's eyes, wings, and feet gives a picture of divinity. Discover how this can enhance successful living.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

Author: Peter H. Dennis

Publisher: Richmond, Ont. : CAPCO International

ISBN: 0969892640

Category: Self-Help

Page: 211

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This book explains all you need to know about handwriting analysis in order to produce a comprehensive profile of anyone's personality. It is clear, straightforward and easy to follow. It has been used in classrooms with beginners and it serves as a handy reference for the experienced analyst. This third edition delves into the darker side of human personality and shows you how you can identify 65 different signs in handwriting that signal potential danger and dishonesty. These signs are found in the writings of convicted criminals, serial killers, con artists and others who are not to be trusted. As well, illustrations and worksheets have been developed to show you how to measure your Emotional Intelligence, how to determine compatibility in relationships and how parents and teachers can assist in the learning and development of children.

The Key to Self-Discovery

The Key to Self-Discovery

Author: Russell C. Kick

Publisher: Self-Discovery Research Institute

ISBN: 9781412025775

Category: Self-Help

Page: 198

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This book is dedicated to my wife Jane, my angel guide. There is far more to you and life than you ever dared to dream. The Key to Self-Discovery shows in a very practical way how to realize your full potential and create a meaningful, happy and full life. The "Key" is a system known as The Holistic Way (The WAY) is designed to engender inner peace and harmony, and to help you to release the enormous potential within for greater love, intelligence, creativity and consciousness. The WAY helps you to discover who you are, the purpose of your life, and empowers you to create your own future. The Key to Self-Discovery is unique in its approach to seeking and finding the truth of self and life, and the realization all of you can be. The system presented in the book, The Way, is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern scientific research. The WAY consists of twelve guides that together provide a philosophy of life intended to give you the power to create, make a difference, find well being and self-worth, experience all that life has to offer, and guide you on the pathway to enlightenment. Music, visualization and effective original tools are presented to empower you to seek within and become your whole self.