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A Strange Little Place

A Strange Little Place

Author: Brennan Storr

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738749648

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

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Revelstoke: Where the worlds of the living, dead, and extraordinary collide Embark on a fascinating journey into Revelstoke, Canada, a world-renowned ski destination with a well-kept secret: it has a long and active paranormal history just as breathtaking as its mountain views. Packed with stories of hauntings, UFOs, Sasquatch, missing time, and much more, A Strange Little Place takes you into a small town full of thrilling secrets and bizarre encounters. Chronicling over seventy years of unusual occurrences in his hometown, Brennan Storr provides exciting, first-hand accounts of unexplainable phenomena. Discover the sinister mysteries of Rogers Pass, the strange craft and spectral music of the Arrow Lakes, and generations of hauntings in the infamous Holten House. As a magnet for the supernatural, Revelstoke invites you to experience things you never thought possible.

What a Strange Little Man

What a Strange Little Man

Author: Michael Straessle

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781606931943

Category: Fiction

Page: 297

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The Aurelius' live a predictable life; they like it that way. Michael is a prison guard for the Roman Empire and Mary is a homemaker wishing for children. For the past two years, Michael has been guarding a strange little man who has caused their comfortable lifestyle to be anything but. Conversations garnered questions for which there seemed to be no answers. Questions about the existence of God, the reaity of a resurrected Savior, the appearance of the supernatural; these were things that brought Michael to the brink of madness. Read this account of a journey from a little prison in Rome to a future prison that no one could predict!

The Voyage of the "Challenger"

The Voyage of the

Author: Sir Charles Wyville Thomson


ISBN: STANFORD:36105002865785

Category: Atlantic Ocean

Page: 476

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Wyville Thomson was the chief scientist of the Challenger Expedition, a major landmark in the history of oceanography. This item is a popular account of the marine life observed, physical oceanography, and physiography of the Atlantic Ocean. Although filled with maps, diagrams, and sketches of the abyssal marine life brought up by their dredgings, the most significant illustration in this work is the frontispiece of Volume 2, a map of the Atlantic Ocean that showed the outline of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.



Author: Lucy Knisley

Publisher: First Second

ISBN: 9781466827097

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

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Lucy Knisley loves food. The daughter of a chef and a gourmet, this talented young cartoonist comes by her obsession honestly. In her forthright, thoughtful, and funny memoir, Lucy traces key episodes in her life thus far, framed by what she was eating at the time and lessons learned about food, cooking, and life. Each chapter is bookended with an illustrated recipe—many of them treasured family dishes, and a few of them Lucy's original inventions. A welcome read for anyone who ever felt more passion for a sandwich than is strictly speaking proper, Relish is a graphic novel for our time: it invites the reader to celebrate food as a connection to our bodies and a connection to the earth, rather than an enemy, a compulsion, or a consumer product. A Publishers Weekly Best Children's Book of 2013 An NPR Best Book of 2013

The Cove

The Cove

Author: Tom Hunt

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781642140125

Category: Fiction

Page: 284

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Nancy was born and raised in Harbor Cove, a small fish-buying station. Isolation and hardships were part of her everyday existence. From the time she is old enough to stand on wheel watch, she works with her dad on his old wooden tugboat. They tow log rafts for logging companies and hire out as beach loggers to recover logs from rafts that break apart during the storms that are normal occurrence in the Alaskan Panhandle. As soon as she is old enough to be on her own, she leaves home and never lo

Confessions of a Special Agent

Confessions of a Special Agent

Author: Jack Evans

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781526739957

Category: History

Page: 256

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Many are the tales of young men lying about their age to join the Army, yet Jack Evans sought far more at the age of just possibly just seventeen to act behind enemy lines as an agent of the Special Operations Executive.Evans had joined the RAF in 1940, despite being well under the legal age, and two years later was recruited into the SOE as a member of the Small Scale Raiding Force. Evans related his experiences with the SOE to author Ernest Dudley in the 1950s, in which he describes his training, including learning how to jump by parachute in preparation for an operation into France though he was withdrawn from the operation when his true age was disclosed. He then joined the SSRF, taking part in a number of raids upon Occupied France.Evans was then transferred to the Brandon Mission in Africa. This involved an eight-man team being parachuted into Tunisia to attack a railway line. In 1943 he was promoted to the rank of captain and parachuted into France, only to be captured by the Germans and imprisoned in Stalag Luft III for the remainder of the war.Evans suffered considerable mental trauma from his time behind enemy lines and his internment at the hands of the Germans and was unable to settle into normal civilian life. His astonishing story, written so soon after the end of the war, was considered in many respects to be ahead of its time.