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Bullied To Love

Bullied To Love

Author: Amal .A. Usman

Publisher: Amal .A. Usman

ISBN: 9781095479018

Category: Fiction

Page: 285

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Katherine Luciano is a beautiful lady, living with her single mom. She did not know her life would take a different turn the day she goes for a job interview. She meets the one person she wishes she never sees again in her life. The one person who made her high school the worst time of her life, Lorenzo Costanzo. A well-known person in society. He has the looks, the fame, the money, and everything with a lot of mysterious secrets. Does she fall prey to his wrath once again, or change the heart of a cold man

The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls

The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls

Author: Christine Wheeler

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401948924

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 296

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Dealing with grades, bullying, friendships, parents, crushes . . . it’s enough to make any teenage girl wish she could snap her fingers and make it all go away. The good news is, you almost can—except it’s not "snapping" but "tapping"! Formally known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), this revolutionary practice can help you reduce your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, boost your confidence, and unpack the "stress backpack" you may not even know you’re carrying.In The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls, expert EFT practitioner Christine Wheeler explains the basics of the technique (it actually involves tapping, with your fingers, on energy points on your own body, and you can do it anywhere, anytime). Then she gives you simple yet powerful instructions for tapping on common challenges such as:• Schoolwork, tests, grades, and planning for college• Appearance and body image• Dating, breakups, and dealing with sexual feelings• Divorce, siblings, and blended familiesThroughout the book, comments from 16-year-old Cassidy, the author’s teen consultant, keep it real with helpful perspectives on how this tapping thing works—and it does work! In these pages, you’ll discover that a super effective tool for dealing with stress is literally at your fingertips. If you’re ready to be true to yourself, stop freaking out, and keep being awesome, The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls is the perfect solution for you!

From Bullied to Blessed

From Bullied to Blessed

Author: David Besch

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973609087

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

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I was a chubby kid that grew up in a Pentecostal preacher’s home. I was constantly teased, bullied, beat up, and humiliated. After almost committing suicide, I found hope. This book was written with the objective of helping readers understand that the past is over and your best days are yet to come. You cannot change the past, but there is a way to deal with your painful memories and emotions that exist deep inside the small crevasses of your heart. Isaiah 43:18–19 (NIV) says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” You can release the past and step forward to a brighter future! Don’t let low self-esteem from a bully’s powerless words limit you any longer. You have greatness inside of you and can achieve your greatest dreams and desires. Bullied to Blessed is an invitation to each of us to choose the empowered, overcoming mind of Christ rather than a victimhood mentality in all areas of our lives. Weaving his personal journey together with faith building Scriptural Truths, Dave first personalizes the importance of intentionally keeping right thoughts and words before us then he makes the Biblical principles contained in the various aspects of his story accessible to the reader. This book will challenge you, encourage you and ultimately call you to live a richly blessed life.” —Jonathan Wiggins Senior Pastor Rez Church Loveland, Colorado

Delphi Complete Works of D.H. Lawrence (Illustrated)

Delphi Complete Works of D.H. Lawrence (Illustrated)

Author: D.H. Lawrence

Publisher: Delphi Classics

ISBN: 9781908909206

Category: Fiction

Page: 8975

View: 500

Novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and artist, D. H. Lawrence had an immense influence on twentieth century literature, in spite of his short and often persecuted life. His novels represent an extended reflection on the dehumanising effects of modernity and industrialisation, establishing his name as one of the great imaginative novelists of his generation. For the first time in publishing history, this comprehensive eBook presents Lawrence’s complete works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 10) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Lawrence’s life and works * Concise introductions to the novels and other texts * All 12 novels, with individual contents tables * Includes the rare ‘lost’ novel MR NOON – appearing for the first time in digital print * Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts * Excellent formatting of the texts * All 68 short stories, with many rare stories appearing in digital print for the first time * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the poetry and the short stories * Easily locate the poems or short stories you want to read * All the plays, with separate contents tables * All the travel writing books * 7 poetry collections, including rare books available in no other digital collection * Includes many rare non-fiction essays and collections * Also includes “A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY” – explore Lawrence’s critique of the famous author * The rare school textbook Lawrence wrote when struggling financially * Includes Part I and Part II of PHOENIX: THE POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF D. H. LAWRENCE – spends hours exploring this collection of literary papers that chart Lawrence’s genius * Features a bonus biography by Lawrence’s wife’s – first time in digital print– explore the great writer’s literary life! * Lawrence’s translations of Italian novels and short stories * Also features Lawrence’s paintings * UPDATED with corrections, PHOENIX II, rare translations and more images * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: The Novels THE WHITE PEACOCK THE TRESPASSER SONS AND LOVERS THE RAINBOW WOMEN IN LOVE THE LOST GIRL MR NOON AARON’S ROD KANGAROO THE BOY IN THE BUSH THE PLUMED SERPENT LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER The Novellas THE LADYBIRD THE FOX THE CAPTAIN’S DOLL ST. MAWR THE VIRGIN AND THE GIPSY THE ESCAPED COCK The Short Stories LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Plays THE MARRIED MAN THE FIGHT FOR BARBARA DAVID THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW THE WIDOWING OF MRS HOLROYD A COLLIER’S FRIDAY NIGHT THE MERRY-GO-ROUND TOUCH AND GO The Poetry Collections D .H. LAWRENCE’S POETRY: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION LOVE POEMS AND OTHERS AMORES LOOK! WE HAVE COME THROUGH! NEW POEMS BAY: A BOOK OF POEMS BIRDS BEASTS AND FLOWERS IMAGIST POETRY PANSIES NETTLES LAST POEMS MORE PANSIES The Poems LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Travel Writing TWILIGHT IN ITALY SEA AND SARDINIA MORNINGS IN MEXICO SKETCHES OF ETRUSCAN PLACES The Non-Fiction A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY MOVEMENTS IN EUROPEAN HISTORY PSYCHOANALYSIS AND THE UNCONSCIOUS FANTASIA OF THE UNCONSCIOUS STUDIES IN CLASSIC AMERICAN LITERATURE REFLECTIONS ON THE DEATH OF A PORCUPINE AND OTHER ESSAYS A PROPOS OF LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER APOCALYPSE AND THE WRITINGS ON REVELATION PHOENIX: THE POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF D. H. LAWRENCE PHOENIX II: UNCOLLECTED, UNPUBLISHED AND OTHER PROSE WORKS The Translations THE GENTLEMAN FROM SAN FRANCISCO by Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin MASTRO-DON GESUALDO by Giovanni Verga LITTLE NOVELS OF SICILY by Giovanni Verga CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA AND OTHER STORIES by Giovanni Verga The Paintings THE PAINTINGS OF D. H. LAWRENCE The Biography NOT I, BUT THE WIND... by Frieda Lawrence Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles

Stop Bullies Now: How to Protect Your Child Against School Bullies and Cyber Bullies

Stop Bullies Now: How to Protect Your Child Against School Bullies and Cyber Bullies

Author: Anne Marie

Publisher: Hope Publishing

ISBN: 9789810906979

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 50

View: 805

Protect Your Child from School Bullies and Cyber Bullies Once And For All Most students are ever bullied at schools at some point of their lives. Sadly, some are driven to suicide. If your child is being bullied in school, now is the time to take control of the situation, to stand up for their rights and stop being a victim. It is time to stop the bullies from ruining your child's life. This guide has the answers. It is written especially for parents, teachers and students. "Stop Bullies Now - How to Protect Your Child Against School Bullies and Cyber Bullies" shows you what you can do as a victim, a parent, a teacher, a school counsellor and as a bystander. There is something to learn for everyone. By learning about anti-bullying tips in this guide, you can do your part to bully-proof your child against school bullies. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... - Facts about bullying - Identify the various forms of bullying - Effects of bullying - What kind of people are vulnerable to bullying. How not to be one of them - Who are the bullies. What make them become bullies - How to deal with cyber bullying - The seriousness of cyber bullying - Forms of cyber bullying - How to deal with malicious emails For school staff (including teachers and counsellors) - 6 effective ways to prevent bullying in the school bus -4 ways to prevent a culture of bullying - How to deprogram a bully - How to integrate a disabled student in the classroom For Parents - What to do if your child is a bully -What makes your child a bully -Signs that your child is being bullied -What to do when your child is being bullied - how to help your child For Students -How to deter bullying -What to do when confronted by the bully -How to deal with verbal bullying -What to do after a bully incident -How to get rid of the bully -Healing -Healing therapy for the victim -How to repair damage self esteem The author, Anne Marie was a victim of school bullies. When she was in Primary School, the school bullies extorted money from her on a daily basis. She was deprived of her school pocket money and went hungry. The ordeal lasted six months. The problem was resolved after she confided her problem to her father. Now as a mother, she does not wish any children to suffer the same fate as her. She believes that children are most vulnerable and if unchecked, this problem can lead to depression and suicide. It is her wish for every school to be a safe haven for children to learn, to grow and to be a place of happiness. There is no place for bullies in school. For the safety and happiness of our children, we must bully-proof our loved one against school bullies.

Bullies, Revised

Bullies, Revised

Author: Jane Middelton-Moz

Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

ISBN: 9780757318078

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

View: 345

Emotionally disturbing yet cathartic, this groundbreaking book by two leading experts in the field of community intervention, anger and addiction, provides a compelling expose on all aspects of bullying. Using in-depth case studies of bullies and those they bullied, Middelton-Moz and Zawadski provide a true look at the problem and what can be done to stop it. Focusing on environments where bullying occurs most frequently—in schools, homes, relationships, workplaces and cyberspace—the authors identify six bullying strategies that encourage bullying behavior and provide concrete ways to defuse tense or potentially hazardous situations. Equally important, Middleton-Moz and Zawadski explain how to reach out to bullies with the appropriate guidance and support, without which bullies will only continue to create fear and anxiety in others. No matter how hard they try, it is virtually impossible for parents to keep up with all the apps and technological changes that enable bullying to remain anonymous. To help them, the authors have included a chapter just for parents on how to monitor their children's behavior and online interactions to keep them grounded. For both parents and educators, Middleton-Moz and Zawadski also explore innovative anti-bullying programs and offer advice about which ones are really working.

Cyber Bullying: Protecting Kids and Adults from Online Bullies

Cyber Bullying: Protecting Kids and Adults from Online Bullies

Author: Samuel C. McQuade III

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313351945

Category: Computers

Page: 219

View: 838

Before the advent of the widespread use of the internet, bullying was confined to school grounds, classrooms, and backyards. Now, the virulence of bullying has taken on new meaning, as bullies take to the web to intimidate, harrass, embarrass, and offend others. Through email, cell phones, text messaging, and social networking sites, bullies can carry out their bullying in many cases without ever having to confront their victims, and often without consequence. Whereas the audiences for humiliation in the past was often limited to those who witnessed the bullying and perhaps talked to others about it, now, bullying takes place in cyberspace, where images and audio can be posted online for whole school communities to witness, discuss, and comment on. The social, psychological, and sometimes economic trauma experienced by victims can be devastating, and in some cases, cyber bullying has crossed the line and became a criminal act. Because just about anyone can be the victim of cyber bullying, and because it often goes unreported, there are precious few resources available to victims, parents, teachers, and others interested in combatting this new form of bullying. This book provides, however, a thoroughly developed, well-researched analysis of cyber bullying - what it is, how it is carried out, who is affected, and what can and should be done to prevent and control its occurrence in society. The book captures the sensational, technological, and horrific aspects of cyber bullying while balancing these with discussion from perspectives about social computing, various academic disciplines, possibilities for public policy and legislation formulation, education, and crime prevention strategies. Using case examples throughout, readers will come away with a new sense of indignation for the victims and a better understanding of the growing problem and how to combat it.

Dealing with Bullies, Cliques, and Social Stress

Dealing with Bullies, Cliques, and Social Stress

Author: Jennifer Landau

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781448883257

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 606

Readers learn how to recognize and deal with various types of bullying, which reaches its peak in the middle school years. They get the rundown on cliques, and learn tips for taking care of their mind, body, and spirit when they encounter social pressure. A chapter is devoted to mean girls—who they are, how they got that way, how to handle them, and how to work toward a better way of communicating going forward. Cyberbullying is widespread today and very damaging—this volume also provides strategies on how teens can protect themselves and guard against hurting others. By using the tips and techniques in this handbook, students will thrive during these years.

The Book on Bullies: Break Free in Forty (40 Minutes or 40 Days)

The Book on Bullies: Break Free in Forty (40 Minutes or 40 Days)

Author: Susan K. Boyd

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512796056

Category: Religion

Page: 302

View: 786

Do you know what to do or say when you are bullied? Are you tolerating people who manipulate or abuse you? When others treat you badly do you just try harder to get along? Learn the inside story on what makes bullies tick, and discover your own vulnerabilities and your hidden strengths! This book will change the way you see bullies and change the way you see yourself. If you want to know what bullying is, why bullies target you, and a strategic method to get back control, then read: The Book On Bullies: Break Free in Forty (40 minutes or 40 days), today!



Author: Keith Berry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317192589

Category: Education

Page: 186

View: 287

In this examination of the ubiquitous practice of bullying among youth, compelling first person stories vividly convey the lived experience of peer torment and how it impacted the lives of five diverse young women. Author Keith Berry’s own autoethnographic narratives and analysis add important relational communication, methodological, and ethical dimensions to their accounts. The personal stories create an opening to understand how this form of physical and verbal violence shapes identities, relationships, communication, and the construction of meaning among a variety of youth. The layered narrative describes the practices constituting bullying and how youth work to cope with peer torment and its aftermath, largely focusing on identity construction and well being; addresses contemporary cyberbullying as well as other forms of relational aggression in many social contexts across race, gender, and sexual orientations; is written in a compelling way to be accessible to students in communication, education, psychology, social welfare, and other fields.