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British Conservatism and the Legal Regulation of Intimate Relationships

British Conservatism and the Legal Regulation of Intimate Relationships

Author: Andrew Gilbert

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781509915903

Category: Law

Page: 256

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What does conservatism, as a body of political thought, say about the legal regulation of intimate relationships, and to what extent has this thought influenced the Conservative Party's approach to family law? With this question as its focus, this book explores the relationship between family law, conservatism and the Conservative Party since the 1980s. Taking a politico- and socio-legal perspective, the discussion draws on an expansive reading of Hansard as well as recently released archival material. The study first sets out the political tradition of conservatism, relying largely on the work of Edmund Burke, before going on to analyse the discourse around the development of four crucial statutes in the field, namely: the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984; the Family Law Act 1996; the Civil Partnership Act 2004; and the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. This work offers the first extended synthesis of family law, conservative political thought and Conservative Party politics, and as such provides significant new insight into how family law is made.

Prussian Conservatism 1815-1856

Prussian Conservatism 1815-1856

Author: Laura Claudia Achtelstetter

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030810702

Category: Political Science

Page: 270

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The book examines the nexus between political and religious thought within the Prussian old conservative milieu. It presents early-nineteenth-century Prussian conservatism as a phenomenon connected to a specific generation of young Prussians. The book introduces the ecclesial-political ‘party of the Evangelische Kirchenzeitung’ (EKZ), a religious party within the Prussian state church, as the origins of Prussia’s conservative party post-1848. It traces the roots of the EKZ party back to the experiences of the Napoleonic Wars (1806-15) and the social movements dominant at that time. Additionally, the book analyses this generation’s increasing politicization and presents the German revolution of 1848 and the foundation of Prussia’s first conservative party as the result of a decade-long struggle for a religiously-motivated ideal of church, state, and society. The overall shift from church politics to state politics is key to understanding conservative policy post-1848. Consequently, this book shows how conservatives aimed to maintain Prussia’s character as a Christian and monarchical state, while at the same time adapting to contemporary political and social circumstances. Therefore, the book is a must-read for researchers, scholars, and students of Political Science and History interested in a better understanding of the origins and the evolution of Prussian conservatism, as well as the history of political thought.

Bromley's Family Law

Bromley's Family Law

Author: Nigel Lowe

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198806691

Category: Domestic relations

Page: 1008

View: 333

Bromley's Family Law remains the most authoritative textbook on the subject and has been used by generations of both students and practitioners as a reliable source of guidance. It is both detailed yet readable, offering a black-letter account of family law while situating the subject in its UK and international context.

Sexual Citizens

Sexual Citizens

Author: Brenda Cossman


ISBN: STANFORD:36105128373318

Category: Law

Page: 264

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This book explores the relationship between sex and belonging in law and popular culture, arguing that contemporary citizenship is sexed, privatized, and self-disciplined. Former sexual outlaws have challenged their exclusion and are being incorporated into citizenship. But as citizenship becomes more sexed, it also becomes privatized and self-disciplined. The author explores these contesting representations of sex and belonging in films, television, and legal decisions. She examines a broad range of subjects, from gay men and lesbians, pornographers and hip hop artists, to women selling vibrators, adulterers, and single mothers on welfare. She observes cultural representations ranging from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to Dr. Phil, Sex in the City to Desperate Housewives. She reviews appellate court cases on sodomy and same-sex marriage, national welfare reform, and obscenity regulation. Finally, the author argues that these representations shape the terms of belonging and governance, producing good (and bad) sexual citizens, based on the degree to which they abide by the codes of privatized and self-disciplined sex.

Sex, Politics, and Society

Sex, Politics, and Society

Author: Jeffrey Weeks

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman Limited

ISBN: UVA:X000457744

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 593

Studie over de manier waarop de houding t.o.v. seksualiteit sinds 1800 is veranderd. Drie thema's staan centraal: de betekenis van seksualiteit in de Victoriaanse maatschappij; seksualiteit als voorwerp van maatschappelijke, wetenschappelijke en politieke bemoeienis rond de eeuwisseling; en tenslotte de plaats van seksualiteit in het 20ste-eeuwse bewustzijn en maatschappelijk beleid. Specifieke hoofdstukken zijn gewijd aan de constructie van het begrip homoseksualiteit en aan de feministische en socialistische bewegingen.

Managing the Public Sector

Managing the Public Sector

Author: Andrew Massey

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015029944827

Category: Political Science

Page: 227

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This book provides a comparative analysis of public sector management and deals with recent developments, procides a critical commentary, and places them in both an historical and Anglo-American context. To these novel features are added two vital and often overlooked considerations: first that there is a limit to the transferability of private sector techniques into public sector management; and secondly that the administration of public policy cannot be viewed in isolation from the political milieu in which it operates.

Business and Politics

Business and Politics

Author: Graham K. Wilson

Publisher: Chatham House Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105038010471

Category: Business and politics

Page: 176

View: 341

Globalization, violent protests against international organizations such as the World Trade Organization, and the surge in international trade have affected the way businesses now interact with governments. The new edition of Graham Wilson s popular book on business-government relations in advanced industrialized societies has been completely revised to reflect the enormous changes that have taken place over the past decade. Wilson s helpful comparative perspective focuses on individual countries -- U.S.A., Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, France, and Japan -- to clearly illustrate different models of business-government relations. His in-depth exploration includes how government-business relations have been challenged by globalization and evaluation of its consequences for different countries.

Romanticism, Enthusiasm, and Regulation

Romanticism, Enthusiasm, and Regulation

Author: Jon Mee

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0198187572

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

View: 524

What is enthusiasm? Enthusiasm for most of the eighteenth century was identified with excess of religious feeling, although it came increasingly to be used to describe the unregulated and infectious urgings of the crowd more generally. Yet there was a developing alternative understanding ofthe term which identified it with a therapeutic influx of feeling in an increasingly formalistic and commodified world. This understanding came to be particularly identified with poetry. Enthusiasm was deemed a necessary condition of poetry by the end of the century, but not a sufficient one. Forwithout proper regulation, poetic enthusiasm might become nothing more than the formless emotionalism of the crowd that the literary elite perceived all around them. Although enthusiasm might be thought of as a distinctly Romantic term, this study looks at the way the inherited discourse ofenthusiasm structured most writing of the Romantic period. Many of those new to writing as a career in the period took enthusiasm to license their feelings as a legitimate basis for turning to print. Others took this as an alarming version of the old virus. A few elite writers, Coleridge andWordsworth included, did not take pains to show they were on the right side of the fence that separated the noble enthusiasm of the poet from either the fanaticism of the crowd or the undisciplined pretensions of hacks and scribblers. Understanding the influence of these processes of regulation andthe difficulty faced by writers in clearly articulating the difference they were meant to enshrine is at the centre of Romanticism, Enthusiasm, and Regulation.

Fiscal Disobedience

Fiscal Disobedience

Author: Janet Roitman

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691118701

Category: History

Page: 233

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Fiscal Disobedience represents a novel approach to the question of citizenship amid the changing global economy and the fiscal crisis of the nation-state. Focusing on economic practices in the Chad Basin of Africa, Janet Roitman combines thorough ethnographic fieldwork with sophisticated analysis of key ideas of political economy to examine the contentious nature of fiscal relationships between the state and its citizens. She argues that citizenship is being redefined through a renegotiation of the rights and obligations inherent in such economic relationships. The book centers on a civil disobedience movement that arose in Cameroon beginning in 1990 ostensibly to counter state fiscal authority--a movement dubbed Opération Villes Mortes by the opposition and incivisme fiscal by the government (which for its part was eager to suggest that participants were less than legitimate citizens, failing in their civic duties). Contrary to standard approaches, Roitman examines this conflict as a "productive moment" that, rather than involving the outright rejection of regulatory authority, questioned the intelligibility of its exercise. Although both militarized commercial networks (associated with such activities trading in contraband goods including drugs, ivory, and guns) and highly organized gang-based banditry do challenge state authority, they do not necessarily undermine state power. Contrary to depictions of the African state as "weak" or "failed," this book demonstrates how the state in Africa manages to reconstitute its authority through networks that have emerged in the interstices of the state system. It also shows how those networks partake of the same epistemological grounding as does the state. Indeed, both state and nonstate practices of governing refer to a common "ethic of illegality," which explains how illegal activities are understood as licit or reasonable conduct.

'Whom God Hath Joined Together'

'Whom God Hath Joined Together'

Author: Jane E. Lewis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: UCSC:32106010282579

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 167

Presents a critical analysis of the history and development of marriage guidance in England. Drawing on the insights of both history and sociology, the authors set the subject in the context of changes in marriage itself, as well as the wider society.